Election 2016 Predictions: What Astrologers Are Saying

Election 2016 predictions have thus far come from a few different people who supposedly have the intellectual expertise to make a guess worth taking seriously.

However, experts of the new age variety are chipping in their foresight on the matter of who will become the 45th president of the United States.

The Washington Post reported in late September that a professor who has correctly predicted the outcomes of presidential elections for 32 years has claimed that this time around Republican nominee Donald Trump will be the winner.

Allan Lichtman, history professor at American University, reaches his predictions by going through a list of 13 statements, or “keys,” he has dubbed “The Keys to the White House,” which, for all intents and purposes, were created by him. Lichtman decides whether each statement is true or false, and these answers lead him in determining the winning candidate.

Another college professor, Larry Sabato (also known as “The Crystal Ball”) of the University of Virginia has also publicized his election 2016 prediction, selecting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to claim the victory, as reported by Independent Journal Review.

Election 2016 predictions
Larry Sabato is nicknamed "The Crystal Ball" for his accuracy at predicting the winners of state and federal elections. [Image by nikkytok/Shuttershock]

Unlike Lichtman, who makes his predictions based on who will win the popular vote, Sabato comes to his conclusion by deciding who will win each state by implementing the electoral college method. The Virginia professor has also correctly predicted the winners of offices lower than that of the United States presidency.

It’s clear that between these two professors’ election 2016 predictions, one of them will be wrong for the first time in years.

There are other ways to predict the outcome of something. For example, what do the stars have to say about who wins this November?

According to Merriam-Webster, astrology is defined as “the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have a supposed influence on events and on the lives and behavior of people.”

A group of astrologers, as reported by The Guardian, have explored the solar system’s alignments in order to give us their take on who will be moving into the Oval Office in January.

As it turns out, the stars may be on Donald Trump’s side, at least according to one scholar.

“The Republican presidential nominee, born under a full moon eclipse, has a possible edge that could align the stars on 8 November.”

Aleksandar Imsiragic is an astrologer from Serbia who is joining other like-minded mystics in Costa Mesa, California to explore and discuss how the stars and planets align for this year’s election, thus providing unique insight to those who are interested in these astrology experts’ election 2016 predictions.

“Instead of Gallup or Ipsos, the astrologers are poring over zodiac charts, which signal, among other things, a ‘potentially explosive’ October surprise that could shape the result.”

Whether or not the October surprise they’re referring to has taken place yet or not (or if it even will) is open to speculation, as some would argue that the latest WikiLeaks email dump has revealed some significant dirt on Hillary Clinton, while others undoubtedly believe the 2005 audio recording of Trump was enough to permanently take the wind out of his sails.

Election 2016 predictions
Example of a zodiac chart. This one is of the vintage variety. [Image by sergeyussr/iStock]

According to astrologer Shelley Ackerman, November 8 shares a time slot with Halloween and Hillary’s birthday (October 26) in which “the sun is traveling within the Via Combusta, the fiery way,” she says, adding, “that patch of the zodiac is literally when the s**t hits the fan.”

Ackerman admitted that, according to her astrology expertise, she selects Clinton as her election 2016 prediction.

Other astrologers have chosen to keep their predictions to themselves, at least until the conclusion of their Costa Mesa get-together.

Ray Merriman is head of the company that is overseeing the astrology conference, which is called the International Society for Astrological Research, and according to him, the Trump/Pence campaign is a “Mars” movement, while the Clinton/Kaine candidacy is “Venus.” Merriman bases this on each of the nominee’s birthdays.

“If you look at Pence and Trump, they’re both Geminis, born either side of Mars. So in this election Republicans are from Mars. Make America Great Again – the motto is Mars.”

“Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, in contrast, have their suns making a trine – an angle of 120 degrees. ‘The Democrats are from Venus this year. Their slogan, Stronger Together, that’s Venus,’ Merriman said.”

You may be thinking, “Okay sure, whatever that means,” and if so, you’re not alone. Just as there are many people who take astrology seriously, there too are people who believe it to be nothing but nonsense.

Astrologer Glen Perry put it simply when he said, “Astrologers are not psychics. We can read certain signs but there are always certain levels of ambiguity.”

Election 2016 predictions are not certainties, of course, which is a good reminder when you feel that pang of disappointment at finding out the candidate you support has not been declared the winner by someone who claims they know who it’ll be.

Who do you think will win? Is it the person you want it to be? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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