TNA News: Matt Hardy Wants To Buy TNA Wrestling From Dixie Carter

We all know the rumors regarding the possible sale of TNA Wrestling. The company is up for grabs, and the best offer is set to win. While WWE was the obvious choice to take the company, the best option to keep everyone employed would be to sell to Billy Corgan, who has been with the company for about a year and invests in the business. He was also named TNA president earlier this year, a title he managed to snag away from Dixie Carter.

Carter wants to sell as soon as possible, but she doesn’t want to get a bad deal. It is being rumored that she is throwing out random things to news websites trying to influence the sale in the right direction for her, which has really caused a mess of things backstage. Regardless, Corgan and a few others are still interested enough to buy. Now, there’s a new player in the game to buy TNA Wrestling: Matt Hardy.


He claimed the following on Twitter this week.

“I am interested in purchasing if the owners will sell to me. I would inject my into every iota of it. If I buy, 1st move is to DELETE the OBSOLETE TNA acronym. The poor play on words retards the brand from reaching its full potential.

Of course, he would later go on to say that TND stood for “Total Nonstop Deletion.” Now, of course, it is very tough to know if Matt Hardy is doing this as the wrestler/businessman or as the character of Matt Hardy, which he has used in public a lot and especially online. If he is serious and Carter sees that, she may very well talk with Hardy about the company going forward, and Matt may be a candidate to buy the business.

The problem is how much Dixie is asking for the company. We all know TNA is in debt right now, so the promotion and its debt would go to the new owner or owners. That said, Hardy would take on the debt plus all the contracts each talent has. The only one he wouldn’t take on is his own, as ideally, he would pay himself. Matt may also go into debt after buying TNA. Hardy made millions over his career with WWE, but it was not as if he was bringing home John Cena types of money.

Hardy may have an estimated worth of $10-20 million at the max, meanwhile, Corgan has a worth that is double that. Matt Hardy is a smart man and knows he could never take on the TNA we see today. Could he do well with his own business? He very well could and seemingly has already. He could pay smaller wages and would run it his way. He would not have to deal with the debt surrounding him and the growing issues from various people.

Matt Hardy TNA World Champ
[image by TNA Wrestling]

That said, it would be moronic for Matt Hardy to take on a company like TNA Wrestling when he truly cannot afford for it to last. Whoever buys TNA must be able to do something good with it going forward. Obviously, Corgan can be a bit more helpful than other bidders, but the real question here is if he’ll have a money problem. While he may be worth an estimated $40 million due to his success in the Smashing Pumpkins, that does not mean he can lead the company into the future.

TNA has a long way to go before people will consider it safe. Ever since they left Spike TV, they have not done well economically. This is why many contracts were either killed off or lowered. Some, like AJ Styles, left due to the extremely disrespectful offer and ended up having major success away from the company. He’s now sitting as the WWE World Champion, which makes many believe you can leave TNA and do well, which only hurts TNA, as people don’t have to wonder if there will be an interest in them.

We shall see if Dixie Carter takes Matt Hardy seriously as a bidder. As of now, it does not look like anyone is doing so. Billy is most certainly the most likely choice, and if it does not go to him, the WWE may likely take the company simply because they want to make money on the library.

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