Nick Viall Reunites With A Past One-Night Stand On ‘The Bachelor’: How Will He React When A Former Fling Moves Into The Mansion?

Nick Viall has had an active dating life—Bachelor fans alone know of at least three of his past conquests—and it sounds like his murky dating pool just got a bit more complicated. Viall, who’s currently filming the upcoming 21st season of The Bachelor, actually reunited with a woman he reportedly slept with one time and never called again. According to Us Weekly, Nick’s one-nighter was cast on the show despite his request that no one from his past be brought in as a contestant.

A show insider told Us that Nick came face-to-face with a woman that he slept with after a wedding and then never contacted again. According to the source, neither Viall nor his former fling acknowledged their past sexual relationship when they reunited during the limo meet-and-greet on The Bachelor.


Nick Viall reportedly told producers that he didn’t want any girls on the show that he already knew or had a date with in the past because “it would be a waste of a person being there.” But Bachelor fans may recognize Nick Viall’s one-night stand. According to spoiler king Reality Steve, the woman in question is named Elizabeth Sandoz, and she already had a big Bachelor connection before she signed on to Nick’s season.

Reality Steve revealed that Sandoz was the maid of honor at Bachelor in Paradise stars Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding, which aired on ABC earlier this year. According to Bustle, Elizabeth and Jade have been best friends since kindergarten.

Bachelor fans may be surprised that Nick Viall had a one-night stand with a woman that he never called again. After his highly-publicized Fantasy Suite date with Andi Dorfman on her season of The Bachelorette, Nick shamed Andi on live TV for sleeping with him when she knew she wasn’t in love with him. In a blog post for, Nick later wrote that while he hadn’t planned to confront Andi on the After the Final Rose special, he was bothered by how she described their relationship.

“In her explanation, she confessed that she had never loved me,” Viall wrote. “That’s why I feel Andi’s decision to have sex with me was not appropriate…I’m speaking out about this incident because I hope Bachelor Nation will have a more honest conversation about the Fantasy Suites and the emotional repercussions of sex.”


But, clearly, Nick Viall wasn’t in love with his wedding night fling, so it sounds like his opinions on the emotional repercussions of sex have changed.

While The Bachelor powers-that-be apparently disregarded Nick Viall’s wishes to keep his contestants to all new women, host Chris Harrison previously said that he wouldn’t be surprised if one of Nick’s former flames turned up during his season of the reality dating show. But Harrison hinted that the familiar face could be someone from the two Bachelorette seasons and one Bachelor in Paradise season that Nick was on.

“I won’t be shocked if somebody very familiar shows up,” Harrison teased. “We’ve done that in the past when someone’s been on one season. He’s been on basically three. I don’t see how someone won’t rear their head and show up.”

It sounds like Nick Viall will have some explaining to do this season, but the Us insider makes it sound as though that Nick and Elizabeth don’t discuss their past relationship on camera. However, Reality Steve’s sources say that the awkward subject will be brought up sometime during Nick’s season, possibly when one of the other girls confronts him about it.

Either way, diehard fans will be zooming in to see the look on Nick’s face when his one-night stand steps out of the limo on opening night of The Bachelor.

You can see Nick Viall as The Bachelor when the show returns on January 2, 2017, on ABC.

Take a look at the video below to see Nick Viall’s awkward journey on The Bachelorette.

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