Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Unhealthy Childhood: ‘I Knew What Diets Were Before Any Kid Ever Should’

Bethenny Frankel has been very open and honest about her childhood, her troublesome relationships with her parents, and her relationship with both food and money in her various books. On this past season of The Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny opened up about her past with food and eating disorders, when her co-star Jules Wainstein admitted that she was still struggling with food issues and was throwing up on occasion. But it sounds like Frankel’s past and her childhood may have been rough, as people in her life struggled with food issues as well.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel is now opening up about her past, and it sounds like some people found it odd that she would name her company Skinnygirl considering she had been struggling with eating disorders herself. Frankel recently opened up about her relationship with food in an interview with Aaron Task on his podcast Fortune Unfiltered.

“There are no accidents, I guess, right?” Bethenny said about naming her business Skinnygirl considering her past with food, adding, “I think it’s actually turning something negative into a positive.”

As it turns out, Frankel’s family members all had interesting relationships with food. While some people only ate All Bran cereal, others possibly didn’t eat anything at all because they wanted to fit a certain frame. And since so many people struggled with food and possibly eating disorders, Bethenny knew what diets were before she turned 8. Of course, this isn’t very healthy and possibly shaped everything that she thought about food, body image, and how people perceive you.

“I knew what diets were before any kid ever should,” Bethenny Frankel revealed on the podcast, adding, “Suzanne Somers and Atkins and all this nonsense, I think, gave me an education in how ridiculous it all was and how absurd it all is and how the word ‘diet’ has the word ‘die’ in it. It’s a multi-billion dollar business because diets do not work.”


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Many people have this assumption that Frankel herself doesn’t eat all that much since she has a very petite frame. But Bethenny reveals that she actually eats everything that people eat, including pizza and fries. She just doesn’t order a whole pizza and eat the entire thing. It’s all about healthy portion control and creating balance.

“So even though ‘skinny’ is a part of the brand’s name, it’s not about not eating. Rather, Skinnygirl is about allowing and indulging,” according to Bethenny Frankel, who added, “I don’t promote people going and eating fat-free foods. I promote them eating a smaller amount of a quality food, of a full-calorie food. I eat pizza, I eat French fries, I just don’t binge.”

It’s no secret that people are very vocal about Bethenny Frankel’s thin frame, and she has previously revealed that it would be odd for her to have a business called Skinnygirl and she was overweight. And as she has revealed, Frankel recognizes that people are very critical of her, especially when a picture surfaces of her in a bikini that shows off her thin frame.

“I think being thin is a very, very polarizing thing. I think people get mad at you for it, or it makes themselves feel better if they can just say, ‘Well, she doesn’t eat and she works out every day’ – neither of which are true,” she explained, adding, “So the thin thing is a whole tricky situation.”

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel creating a business on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle considering everything she’s been through throughout her childhood?

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