Brad Pitt Child Abuse Investigation To Conclude At The End Of October [Report]

Brad Pitt is currently under investigation after child abuse claims were made against him, but according to a new report, Pitt’s case will soon be closed.

While not much is known about the findings of the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services’ investigation, fans and followers of the situation may soon learn new details as the case “is likely to wrap up before the end of October.”

On October 12, In Touch Weekly shared details about the ongoing case, claiming Brad Pitt will be fighting for sole physical custody of his six children “because Angelina has refused to agree to joint physical custody.”

In September, prior to Jolie’s divorce filing, an anonymous call was made to the DCFS in which an unnamed person claimed Brad Pitt had been physically abusive to his oldest son, Maddox, 15, during a plane ride from France to Los Angeles, which was grounded for a brief stop in Minnesota.

Weeks later, after spending time away from his kids, Brad Pitt reunited with his family, including his sons, Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, and Knox, 8, and his daughters, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and Vivienne, 8. However, rather than picking up the children from their mother’s rental in Los Angeles, Pitt was accompanied by a DCFS monitor, who quietly watched their visit.

After the visit, the source revealed, “[Brad Pitt] vowed to do whatever it takes to be back in their lives, permanently.”

While DCFS informed Pitt that they did not need to attend his next visit, the actor insisted they be there.

“[Brad Pitt] wants it that way so that there is absolutely no doubt that the kids are perfectly safe with him,” the In Touch Weekly source explained.

Throughout the investigation, Brad Pitt was said to be cooperative, and the magazine revealed he had “already taken a second drug and alcohol test” after his initial testing.

On the cover of the magazine, it was mentioned that Brad Pitt would be getting the kids after a bombshell filing about Jolie. However, the report on October 12 didn’t give any details about the filing or what was involved.

The magazine also suggested Jolie had dealt an “outrageous demand,” but the outlet failed to mention what that demand was.

After Jolie filed for divorce, she relocated to Malibu, California, where she rented a home near the beach for her and her six children. Since then, she has allegedly moved yet again, this time to a place closer to her former marital home with Pitt in Hidden Hills.

At the end of last month, Los Angeles divorce attorney David T. Pisarra spoke to Hollywood Life about the custody arrangement between Brad Pitt and his wife, revealing that Pitt has no legal access to any home in which Jolie resides.

“Unless there is a court order, temporary restraining order or safety plan from Child Protective Services, the only thing that is stopping him from seeing his children is Angelina Jolie. She has them secreted in a house in Malibu to which [Brad Pitt] has no legal access,” Pisarra explained.

“If [Brad Pitt] tries to go there, she will call the police and report him for trespass, stalking, and harassment – which will then be grounds for her to get a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against him and to protect the children. She may be keeping the kids from him in an attempt to gain leverage in the divorce and custody case, which is not unusual at all for one parent to do,” he added.

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