Song Hye Kyo Comforts A ‘Depressed’ Song Joong Ki: Proof Of Relationship? Huge Update On ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Season 2

So many people have wondered about Song Hye Kyo and the exact extent of her relationship with Song Joong Ki, but nothing has been confirmed. Many have speculated and hoped they would just come out with the truth, but then, nothing. Now, whispers have started again as the actress had to comfort her Descendants of the Sun co-star due to Song Joong Ki being depressed after losing at the 2016 Korean Drama Awards.

Things have been up and down or kept a secret, but the fans really and truly believe that the co-stars are indeed a couple.

Chat Sports Net is reporting that Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki may be closer than ever right now after the actor started going through a bout of depression. After failing to take home the Grand Excellence Award at the 2016 Korean Drama Awards, he fell into a deep sadness and needed consoling from his closest friends, including Hye Kyo.

Descendants of the Sun won the award for Best Drama, but it was Happy Home lead Kim So Yeon who took home the Grand Excellence Award. With that, Joong Ki became very depressed and felt bad for himself as well as his co-stars, as he feels he let them down.

Since losing out on the big award, it has been said that Song Hye Kyo “has been comforting” her friend and co-star, but this has led many to think there is much more between them. It is believed the loss is the reason they went on a “secret vacation” to Norway, but that has not been confirmed.

There was likely going to be even more depression, but for a lot more people, if Descendants of the Sun never returned. Past history has shown that there likely wouldn’t be a second season, but things could very well be changing.

Not only is it looking like a second season is coming, but it appears as if things are already underway for it.

According to Parent Herald, even though there has been no official announcement about Season 2, it is happening. It appears as if the full script is already written and that filming has begun in Italy for more episodes of Descendants of the Sun.

Song Hye Kyo’s recent vacation to Italy may not have been all pleasure as it was likely to scout out spots for the filming of season two. There has been some talk that she will act as executive producer for the next season and she has become much more involved behind the camera as well.

Movie News Guide is reporting that both Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki will be returning for season two and that an on-screen marriage is also in the works. With that being said, there are also children in the future plans for Captain Yoo Si-Jin and Dr. Kang Mo-Yeon, which brought about confusion and rumors that a child was on the way for the couple in real life.

Fans are still awaiting confirmation for the second season of Descendants of the Sun, but it certainly appears to be on the fast track.

The relationship Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki may or may not have is one that will continue to be talked about until they reveal that there is nothing between them. Hearing of the depressing that Joong Ki is dealing with and how the actress comforted him may have been just one friend helping another. Either way, some of those dating whispers may die down if Season 2 of Descendants of the Sun actually happens.

[Featured Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]