‘Man With The Iron Fists’ Director RZA Set To Adapt Grant Morrison’s ‘Happy!’

Man with the Iron Fists director RZA isn’t wasting any time lining up his next project. According to Slash Film, the up-and-coming filmmaker is rumored to be attached to the adaptation of Grant Morrison’s Happy!, a comic book which finds a hitman joining forces with an imaginary blue horse in order to save a little girl from a sadistic Santa Claus. While the film certainly has the potential to be something original and daring, finding someone willing to finance this off-the-wall film could prove to be a little difficult.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Happy! creator Grant Morrison will pen the script while the Man with the Iron Fists filmmaker begins developing the project. Reginald Hudlin, who helped bring director Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained to the big screen, is set to produce the feature.

THR scribes the film as follows:

“Nick Sax, a scummy corrupt ex-cop and hitman. After a hit goes bad and Sax is left gravely injured, he is suddenly able to see Happy, a cheerful little blue horse who won’t give in to adversity, no matter what unpleasant obstacles come in the way. Days before Christmas, Sax teams up with the saccharine horse to the save the life of a troubled kid and maybe find redemption amid the squalor of his city.”

Although Grant Morrison is a name to be reckoned with in the world of comic books, it’s ultimately RZA’s Man with the Iron Fists that could make or break the duo’s proposed adaptation. Putting a lot of money into such a bizarro property is quite risky, so potential financiers will probably watch the aforementioned martial arts flick’s box office performance before signing over a check.

Man with the Iron Fist — which stars Russell Crowe, Cung Le, and Lucy Liu — is set for release in the United States on November 2. Do you think RZA is the right choice to adapt Grant Morrison’s Happy!?