‘American Horror Story’ Season 6: Is There a Scathach Connection To Children?

The most recent episode of American Horror Story aired a week ago, on Wednesday, October 5. On Thursday, October 6, this appeared on social media, and Lady Gaga’s character had a name – Scathach.

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Who is Scathach? Here’s a description from Brittanica.

“Scáthach, (Gaelic: “The Shadowy One”), in Celtic mythology, female warrior, especially noted as a teacher of warriors.

Scáthach was the daughter of Árd-Greimne of Lethra. She lived on an island (thought to be the Isle of Skye) in an impregnable castle, the gate of which was guarded by her daughter Uathach. At this fortress Scáthach trained numerous Celtic heroes in the arts of pole vaulting (useful in the assault of forts), underwater fighting, and combat with a barbed harpoon of her own invention, the gáe bolg. Her best-known student was Cú Chulainn, who stayed with her for a year in order to learn the skills that helped him win many battles. A number of other heroes of Celtic mythology also owed their prowess to the training of the Amazon Scáthach.”

This doesn’t exactly match up with the description of Lady Gaga’s character in this season of American Horror Story. Last week she shared her backstory with Matt, and we learned that she came from England as a stowaway on a boat headed to the New World, presumably back in the mid to late 1500s. Her ancestors were Druids. When she was discovered on the ship, the English wanted to burn her as a witch, but she killed everyone else and somehow became a sort of forest witch with both Old World and New World powers.

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Here’s how that may work for American Horror Story: Roanoke. Ryan Murphy has promised a big twist in Episode 6, and many believe that could be when filming for the documentary we’ve been watching comes to an end and the real season begins. There are AHS fans who think that My Roanoke Nightmare is the name of the documentary, not the name of Season 6 of American Horror Story. The theory continues that what we’re seeing now gives us the background for what will happen in the second half of the season. Fans have been wondering why we don’t have the usual American Horror Story music at the beginning of this year’s shows. Maybe that comes starting with week six or seven, after the filming of My Roanoke Nightmare wraps. IMDb lists Lady Gaga’s character’s name as Forest Witch. It’s possible that is her name through Episode 6, and when we get to this year’s real story, she will be Scathach.

So what is Scathach up to in American Horror Story: Roanoke?

There’s a theory about this year of American Horror Story, described by Vanity Fair, that says that each of the first five weeks of this season have some tie back to the sixth episode of the previous seasons. For example, the premiere of Season 6 gave us our first glimpse at the Pig Man. In Season 1 of American Horror Story, the Murder House season, Episode 6 was the one with Ben’s client who was afraid of Piggy Man of urban legend. And the pattern has continued so far. If it continues this week, it gets us to Episode 6 of American Horror Story: Hotel, which is the episode where we saw Lady Gaga’s demonic baby. (In Room 33 by the way, and 3+3=6.)

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This year, her character had that weird sexual encounter with Matt. Ryan Murphy has said that children will play an important role in Season 6 of American Horror Story. If the documentary Forest Witch represents the real life Scathach, maybe she becomes pregnant with Matt’s baby. Maybe that will be tonight’s tie back to Hotel. And maybe she has some connection to Priscilla. And maybe that’s why Priscilla was able to save Flora.

But let’s not forget something that was mentioned in Episode 4 and then was dropped. That’s when the fourth wall was broken. (Episode 4, Fourth Wall – American Horror Story has a thing for numbers). The wall was broken because someone behind the camera (most believe that was Cheyenne Jackson) asked about Emily. It upset Lee, but so far nothing more has been said about it. Emily disappeared when she was four years old. There’s that number again. Lee left her for a few minutes, and she was gone when she returned. Could the modern-day version of Lady Gaga’s character (Scathach – in the New World if you will) be responsible for that disappearance? Could Scathach even be connected to Shelby’s miscarriage in the first week of American Horror Story: Roanoke?

Of course, it’s all theories right now. We’re all trying to figure out what’s up with AHS this season. But you can’t deny the apparent connections, and a coincidence is never a coincidence with American Horror Story.

Tonight will be the last episode before next week’s big twist. Tune into FX at 10 p.m. ET to see what happens next.

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