Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter In Secret Marriage With 31-Year-Old Man

TV star Rosie O’Donnell’s teenage daughter secretly married a man 12 years older than her and refused to tell her mother, Wonderwall is reporting.

O’Donnell only found out that her daughter, Chelsea, 19, had married Nicholas Alliegro, 31, when she visited her daughter in the hospital where she had been taken in for depression. A neighbor had called an ambulance when the teen was found disoriented outdoors and talking uncontrollably to strangers outside her home.

Rosie was in for a shock when she visited her daughter and asked for her medical records.

Hospital staff had told Rosie O’Donnell that the information would only be released to Chelsea’s husband. The funny woman had pinned it to a case of mistaken identity, insisting that her daughter was not married.

She later found out that it was true. The shocking news is coming on the heels of reconciliation between the pair in June after a fall-out.

Chelsea met plumber Nicholas Alliegro last November and moved in with him when she was allegedly kicked out of her adopted mother’s house. The couple had dated for eight months before marriage. Nicholas had urged his troubled teen girlfriend to mend fences with Rosie O’Donnell underlining that it was crucial to still have a family.

Once Chelsea reconciled with her mother, she decided to tie the knot with Nicholas in a small and private town hall wedding. The couple wore casual clothing at the ceremony and celebrated later at a local burger joint. The former The View panelist had no idea that Chelsea and Nicolas were getting married.

An insider said that Chelsea was looking for stability and wanted to get married to Nicolas as quickly as possible because she saw him as a wonderful and calming person.

“Chelsea really wanted to get married and told Nick she couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her life with anyone else…Chelsea was dead set-on getting married immediately…she has abandonment issues because of her family situation.”

Chelsea’s biological mother Deanna Micoley claimed she was drugged by Chelsea’s father and maintains that she never gave up her daughter for adoption. O’Donnell has insisted that she legally adopted her baby in 1997.

In a TV interview, Chelsea said that Rosie O’Donnell never had time for her because of her show and she felt unloved. Chelsea said she stopped talking to her adopted mom and eventually got booted out of the house.

“She got upset with me because I wouldn’t talk to her…she told me to take my dog and ‘have a nice life”’.

Rosie insists that her daughter ran away from home.

The 54-year-old comedian also reported Chelsea missing from her New York residence last August. Chelsea was later found in a New Jersey attic with Steven Sheerer, 26, a man she met after using the Tinder dating app.

At the time, Rosie said her daughter was struggling with mental health problems and was off her medication, a claim Chelsea has vehemently denied. Steven Sheerer, an alleged heroin addict was taken into custody and charged with communication of obscenity and child endangerment. He pleaded guilty and got two years probation.

According to an inside source, the 54-year-old has not taken too kindly to the news that Chelsea got hitched without telling her. According to the anonymous source, Rosie was trying to get her daughter help and it did not go down well with her.

“Rosie was disappointed but remained calm after hearing the news. Rosie called to try to convince Chelsea to get into a residential program but she didn’t come to the hospital. Rosie wanted to control the situation…Chelsea couldn’t handle sitting alone in the apartment all day by herself.”

Another source revealed that the surprise marriage had prompted a renewed crisis between Rosie and Chelsea. The source said that Chelsea’s car had been taken and it looked as if the comedian had cut out the teenager financially after finding out her marital status.

The source said it appeared Chelsea was no longer on speaking terms with Rosie and the rest of the O’Donnell family.

Chelsea has dropped the name O’Donnell on Instagram and taken the name Alliegro. She is out of the hospital and presently staying with her biological mother. A confidante said Chelsea was still with her husband, but needed to spend time with her biological mother in Wisconsin.

“She needs to be around people and get back on her feet. She wants to get better and there’s a doctor she can see in Wisconsin.”

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