Bradley Cooper Lets Irina Shayk Post About ‘Date Night’ On Instagram, Movie Star And Model Girlfriend Continue Long Distance Relationship In 2016

Bradley Cooper may be a movie star, but that doesn’t mean that his life is perfect. Despite the fact that he has a loving relationship with Irina Shayk for over a year now, they are still sustaining the long distance aspect of their lives due to their work. Bradley and Irina were able to spend much of their summer together, but autumn has pulled them apart.

In fact, there has been some clues that they are keeping their relationship as open as possible. While Irina doesn’t usually post about Bradley Cooper, she has posted photos with other men in the fashion industry. As a matter of fact, she once uploaded a picture with Givenchy Artistic Director and dubbed their outing as a “date night.”

While it’s likely that this was a casual night out with her colleagues, there is no doubt that there is a different level of intimacy in a world that is as artsy as fashion.

The 30-year-old Russian model has had a busy autumn so far, appearing in multiple fashion weeks across the world and appearing in several Vogue Magazines. Her latest appearance was for Intimissimi, an Italian lingerie brand that she promotes.

“Irina Shayk, 30, looked sensational as she glided along the scarlet walkway in a sexy sheer dress at the Intimissimi On Ice in Verona, Italy, on Friday night,” reports Daily Mail. “The Russian stunner’s plunging neckline revealed plenty of cleavage with a decorative black bra keeping her assets in place.”

While she is working hard in Europe, Bradley is still in the U.S., working on his new movie A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and taking part in all sorts of news media appearances that get him back into the spotlight.

He recently opened up about making his first movie to Vanity Fair, which also revealed that he was quite a rule breaker in high school.

“In Irish literature class, we made this fake documentary and shot it all in our high school,” he said. “And got caught smoking cigarettes. We were doing an interrogation scene. We shot in this little sound room because it looked like a padded room, and we were smoking.”

In that moment, his football coach came into the room and scolded them for smoking on campus, and probably underage. But when he realized that they were working on some high art, he immediately forgave them.

“Oh, you’re making a movie?” His coach said. “You’re allowed to smoke.'”

At least his high school coach did not put out his passion for acting!

Their long distance relationship is probably what is stopping them from becoming Hollywood’s next “it” couple. With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie out of the picture, they could easily fill that spot. But the fact that they have to spend much of the year apart means that there is less opportunity for them to be seen together.

That doesn’t mean that the Oscar-nominated actor is slacking off. Even without Irina being around, he has been working out a lot, showing that he can keep up with his girlfriend, who is over 10 years his junior.

“[T]here was no denying Bradley’s physical fitness,” reports the Daily Mail. “He has been pictured running in Santa Monica on a daily basis, and it is clearly paying off. Brad’s muscular arms were on show in a sleeveless shirt, while his toned torso was visible beneath his outfit.”


Do you think Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend will become one of the hottest couples in Hollywood? Or do you think they prefer to keep their relationship abroad? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Arthur Mola/AP Images]