A Landslide Clinton Win In The 2016 Election? Hillary Clinton Won The Second Presidential Debate And Donald Trump Is Behind In The Latest Election Polls

Are we looking at the potential for a landslide Clinton win in the 2016 election cycle? With NBC News reporting that its latest post-debate poll indicates an 9 point lead for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in a four-person race and a 10 point lead for Clinton over Trump in a two-person race, a landslide seems like a definite possibility.

In addition to the latest election polls results, the AP reports Hillary Clinton’s showing in the second presidential debate — although not as dominating as in the first debate — is another factor suggesting a potential landslide Clinton win this November.

Just how big this landslide will be and just what the win will mean for the country and the incoming Clinton administration is the question everyone is asking. Not to mention, “landslide win” is an extremely relative term.

Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University.

Obviously, a Clinton win of a few points may only mean that Hillary Clinton ends up in the White House. A larger win could allow the Democrats to take control of the Senate – particularly this year with so many of the at risk Senate seats currently being held by Republicans.

But as the AP reports, a true landslide victory of 9-14 points could possibly result in something everyone thought impossible only a few months ago – a Democratic Party takeover of the House of Representatives. This would be a tremendous win for the Democrats and a devastating defeat for the Republican Party.

One of the principal problems that President Obama experienced over the last six years of his presidency was that the House was controlled by a Republican majority. This meant it was virtually impossible for Obama to win votes on any issue in the House of Representatives.

So a landslide Clinton win over Donald Trump in the 2016 election would have huge implications for future legislation by the Hillary Clinton administration. With the Democrats controlling the House and the Senate, Clinton would have a good chance of getting virtually anything she proposed passed.

With a sufficiently large landslide, the Democrats might have enough votes in the Senate to override Republican filibusters. This would mean that Hillary Clinton could win every vote when nominating new Supreme Court Justices.

As a result, a number of recent decisions by the Supreme Court could be overturned, such as the Citizens United decision that allowed virtually unlimited money into the political process. This would be a huge win for those wanting clean government.

While such a decisive landslide Clinton win might seem like wishful thinking on the part of Democrats, Donald Trump is behind in almost all of the recent election polls. It seems highly likely that Trump will lose the 2016 election by a wide margin.

The polls results suggest that Donald Trump’s endless gaffes, outrageous statements, and ongoing scandals – not to mention his inability to win either presidential debate – are dragging him and the rest of the Republican Party to inevitable defeat this election cycle.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, in Ocala, Fla.

In order for Clinton to win this November, it seems clear that one thing she has to do is avoid making major mistakes. Instead, she should allow Trump to continue making all the gaffes leading up to the November 8 election day.

Clinton also needs to avoid any truly damaging releases by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks if she wants to win. Up to this point, Julian Assange’s daily October Surprises haven’t been that surprising, so Clinton may have little to worry about there.

Throughout the 2016 election year, the media has focused the majority of its attention on Donald Trump. But the true story of this election – as revealed in the latest election polls results – is that a landslide Clinton win has gone from being a slim chance to a strong possibility.

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