Killer Clown Craze: Wisconsin Couple Leaves 4-Year-Old Alone For Hours To Terrorize Neighborhood As Creepy Clowns

A Wisconsin couple made the decision to leave their 4-year-old at home while taking part in the killer crown craze that has swept across the United States and Britain.

Police in Menasha, Wisconsin released the dash cam video of two clowns that were reported to have been chasing vehicles during the early hours of the morning. The video footage from the police dash cam of the two creepy clowns taking part in the killer crown craze can be viewed below.

Police pulled up to two men who were mysteriously and creepily standing at the side of the road dressed in clown costumes. According to Mirror, the men were 29- and 20-years-old. The officers spoke to the men dressed in creepy clown costumes but did not arrest them.

The older man, along with his 26-year-old wife (who was the driver for the two clowns), were arrested when the Menasha, Wisconsin police discovered the couple had left their 4-year-old home alone to participate in the creepy clown crazy and terrorize their neighborhood.


This creepy killer crown craze has been a problem all summer. The craze first started at an apartment complex in South Carolina when the children of residents at the apartments started telling their parents about creepy clowns lurking in the woods who were offering the children money and/or candy if they came into the woods with them.

Most parents at the South Carolina apartment complex just assumed their children were imagining the clowns in the woods. Things changed, however, when parents started to see the creepy killer clowns lurking in the woods. It didn’t take long for the management of the apartments to send out letters warning the residents of the creepy clown craze and asking them to keep an extra eye on their children.

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Wisconsin police learned the couple had left their 4-year-old home alone for hours in order to participate in the killer clown craze and arrested them around 4 a.m. The 4-year-old was taken in by the Department of Human Services and the parents of the child were arrested and charged with child neglect. The child is currently in foster care.

Police forces across Britain have recently started warning people not to participate in the killer clown craze or they run the risk of being arrested. According to Mirror, there have been reports of young men dressing up as clowns to participate in this creepy craze and then standing in remote areas while holding knives.


According to TIME, even Ronald McDonald, the iconic clown mascot for McDonald’s, has decided to lay low until the killer clown craze dies down. The fast food chain has decided to “remain thoughtful” when it comes to the clown mascot’s appearances at public events.


Police did end up letting the younger 20-year-old man who was dressed as the other creepy clown go. But, not before scolding both him and the older man for terrorizing the neighborhood while dressed as creepy clowns.


What do you think about the creepy clown craze that is spreading across the United States and Britain like wildfire? Do you think the police should start arresting the individuals who are dressing like clowns and terrorizing people? More importantly, what do you think about this Wisconsin couple who left their child at home by himself for hours in order to partake in the craze? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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