Billy Bush Considering Lawsuit Against NBC After Word Leaks That He Is Fired

As the trend of the talk tips toward Billy Bush being fired from the Today Show, and likely by NBC totally, there is word that Bush is planning a lawsuit against NBC if they try to exercise the morality clause in Bush’s contract. Bush wants to bring into question who at NBC leaked the Access Hollywood tape of Bush and Donald Trump having “locker room” talk on a AH bus, and who else other than NBC News had access to the controversial clip.

The tape of Billy Bush and Donald Trump chatting about the best way to grab a woman was brought to the attention of NBC staff and crew when Bush bragged about his access to Donald Trump and the time they had while shooting Access Hollywood. Bush reportedly boasted so much about the tape that NBC colleagues that were on location in Brazil for the Olympics hunted it down, according to The Inquisitr, and the rest is history.


NBC is reportedly planning to officially give Billy Bush the ax for violating his morality clause, but in response, Bush is pointing the finger back at NBC for leaking the video to the Washington Post, and is possibly considering a lawsuit. Access Hollywood was planning to share the tape after last Sunday’s Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate, but Billy Bush claims that someone at NBC grew impatient and leaked it to the Washington Post pre-debate, says PageSix.


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There is now reportedly an internal investigation at NBC to see who knew about the tape and when. A source close to Billy Bush says that Bush is wondering what would come out if there was a lawsuit into who knew what and when.

“He told people at NBC about this tape. What if there was a transcript of the tape, and high-level discussions about when to release it? Which executives were involved, and why did they decide to suppress the tape until October, when they could have aired it in August? Was it an oversight or a strategic decision by NBC to affect the race? Billy was far from the only person at NBC who was talking about the contents of this tape. On-air talent does not make the decision when to air stories like this.”


Sources at NBC are claiming that Billy Bush is out at the Today Show, and it is just a matter of when to make the announcement. It seems that Bush egging Trump on was too much for everyone on the show, and they want Bush out.

“Billy is technically fired. It’s just a matter of time. NBC isn’t ready to announce it yet. They are negotiating his exit.”

Billy Bush is said to be looking to hire a top “high power fixer,” but has refused Donald Trump’s offer to help out with the current issues.


The Washington Post is weighing in to say that Billy Bush and NBC together are working on a separation deal to sever the relationship between Bush and the Today Show.

In terms of why NBC was waiting to air the Billy Bush/Donald Trump clip from 2005, the Washington Post claims that Access Hollywood had first dibs to release it at NBC, but they were waiting for it to be thoroughly reviewed and vetted by their legal department. In the review time, NBC was scooped by another news outlet – the Washington Post, FYI.

Do you think the Billy Bush situation will get worse before it’s solved? Do you think he is done at NBC?

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