German eBay Seller Offers Baby For Sale: Police Quickly Respond

Police received a report of a 1-month old baby being advertised for sale on eBay. The police quickly respond to the case of a baby from the city of Duisburg in west Germany put up for sale for 5,000 Euros on eBay, Mirror reports.

The seller called the baby by the name of Maria and shared multiple pictures of her in various sleepers. The ad was titled, “Child, 40 days old named Maria… for sale.”

Social media and internet blogs quickly raised awareness of the ad prior to it being deleted by eBay within a half-hour after it being posted. When eBay became aware that someone was trying to sell a baby, they quickly took action to remove the ad and contact the police.


Was it perhaps just a terrible, sick joke, or did someone really have intentions of making money by selling the baby? As of right now, the police do not know.

Pierre Du Bois, a spokesman for eBay, says that hoax listings are nothing new to them.

“We immediately ban these providers. We have specially trained teams which keep track on such cases and quickly react.”

This case is actively being investigated. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

A 2-year-old Michigan girl was advertised for sale on eBay back in 2011, according to Daily Mail. The girl had a price tag of just $1,000.

“Autumn Braden, 19, tried to put her cousin up for sale on Ebay when she was babysitting her. When the girl was confronted by the police, she said it just was a joke.”

After the police had received nearly 20 calls from people reporting the child sale on Ebay, they were not liking the teenager’s joke one bit. A man even bid on the little girl and the teenager accepted it.

The ad read, “An adorable child for sale can clean and hold a decent conversation very lovable but i just out grew her.”

The teenager was adamant that it was not meant to be intentional, but simply a test to see how Ebay worked.

“Basically, all I was trying to do was see how eBay worked. I had a picture of my cousin, so I just put it up there. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.”

The police went to the little girl’s home to make sure that she was safe and free from harm. The teenager said that she would never harm her cousin.

“Anybody who has ever seen me with (my cousin), knows I would never do anything to harm her.”

However, the police were still considering pressing charges against Autumn, who is now in the custody of her mother.

‘The sale of humans is illegal and is not permitted on our site. We will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials on this matter.”

Another mother from Australia put her kids on eBay back in 2011. Huffington Post reports that a woman was put her two children, both under the age of 10, on eBay for an auction sale.

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The ad, which had already received multiple bids, was brought to the attention of law enforcement. When the police questioned the mother, she claimed that she did it as a joke.

Even though the police did not press charges, Bernie Gear, the Victorian Child Safety Commissioner, was not laughing at the “joke.”

“Children should not be used as the butt of jokes and she needs to find something more productive to do with her time and needs to wake up to herself.”

Although many of the ads placed on Ebay putting babies and children up for sale are typically just hoaxes, sometimes they aren’t. When people think about doing such a thing, they should consider the legal consequences. Unfortunately, selling of children is a real problem and these types of cases are taken very seriously.

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