Bill Clinton’s Alleged Son Danney Williams Releases New Video, Asks For DNA Test To Prove Paternity

Danney Williams is speaking out again in an attempt to get someone, anyone to hear his claims that he is Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son and to finally take him seriously. In a newly released video, Williams likens the way Bill and Hillary have treated him to that of slave owners ignoring his paternity and instead, dismissing him as if he doesn’t even exist.

In the nine-minute YouTube video, Danney Williams talks about how sure he is that Bill Clinton is his father. Aside from just looking like each other (and the resemblance is undeniable), Danney says that in his youth, his family used to receive money and gifts that he believed were from his alleged father.

Danney claims that until Bill Clinton became president, his family used to receive seven $100 bills in the mail each month. After winning the presidency in 1995, those payments stopped. He also said that each year at Christmas time, state troopers would deliver gifts to his home.

“I have no doubt that I am Bill Clinton’s son,” Danney Williams says at the beginning of the video. “It was common knowledge in Arkansas where I grew up. Everywhere I went, people would point and say, ‘There’s Bill Clinton’s son. He looks like Bill Clinton, doesn’t he? Look at him, Danney Williams is a black Bill Clinton.'”

Williams explains that his mother, Bobbie Anne Williams, was a prostitute and drug addict living in Little Rock, Arkansas back when Bill Clinton was the governor. He and his aunt who raised him have both claimed that Bobbie had sex with Bill Clinton on 13 occasions and when she did get pregnant, knew immediately that the father of her child was Clinton.

Danney has been pleading with the Clintons to just recognize him for who he is but says instead, he has been completely ignored. The 30-year-old father of two says he has written letters to Bill Clinton, sent him emails, wrote letters to his presidential library, and even tried to contact the former POTUS via Facebook, but he has never received a response.

One time, Danney Williams says he even showed up to see Hillary Clinton speak. He said he just wanted to see his stepmother face to face and ask her questions. He says that he has so many questions. However, when the speech was over, Danney said Hillary didn’t meet anyone who stood in the audience and instead, she disappeared immediately.

“I always felt bad about Bill Clinton not wanting to be in my life,” Williams said. “Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? It made me think sometimes even of suicide. It’s not fair and it has been hurtful.”

“Hillary, please do not deny I exist.” Danney Williams said into the camera. “I am your stepson. Chelsea is my sister. And Bill is my father.”

Williams says that the supposed DNA testing that was said to disprove his claims was false. In the video, Danney said that it was a tabloid, Star Magazine, that published the “results” of a DNA test taken from the semen sample found on Monica Lewinsky’s famous blue dress that proved Bill Clinton was not his father.

Bill Clinton has a black son named Danny Williams that he refuses to take care of. Hillary pushed Danny out of the family.#DannyWilliams

— Hector Morenco (@hectormorenco) October 3, 2016


As Danney pointed out, it seems impossible that a tabloid would be able to get their hands on federal evidence for any reason. Instead, the editor-in-chief of Star Magazine at the time of the report told WND when they contacted him, “I don’t remember ever seeing any laboratory test that was done on Clinton’s DNA.”

Instead, Burton claims that the tabloid relied on Ken Starr’s DNA report but rather than confirm or deny that Danney Williams was Bill Clinton’s love child, they reported that the test was unable to confirm a DNA match. Danney calls the DNA test results “phony” and even said that he would ” love a DNA test to be done.”

While Danney Williams has certainly turned up his efforts to gain the attention of Bill Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, he claims that there are no political reasons behind his attempt to get in touch with his alleged father. Instead, Williams says he really just wants to meet his family and get to know them.

After watching the video and seeing the photos of Bill Clinton and Danney Williams side-by-side, do you think he might actually be the illegitimate son of the former president? Tell us what you think and if you think Clinton should submit to an official paternity test to prove this story as being true or false once and for all in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by David McNew/Getty Images and Danney Williams/Facebook]