Donald Trump Talks To Bill O’Reilly About Hillary Clinton And Other Republicans

Donald Trump appeared on The O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night in his first major interview since his vulgar language on an old Access Hollywood tape appeared on Friday. He was full of insults towards other Republicans and Hillary Clinton.

“We have been having a problem…Paul Ryan [Republican Speaker of House], you know — open borders, amnesty, and bad budgets — Frankly the only one Obama negotiates well with is Paul Ryan,” Trump said in an obvious shout-back to Ryan refusing to support him anymore.

After Trump called Hillary Clinton “a disaster,” O’Reilly told Trump he was down about 7 percent in the polls and asked him how he’s going to win back women who were offended by the Access Hollywood revelations from 2005.

Donald Trump Locker Room
Donald Trump insists his talk on old 'Access Hollywood' tapes was just "locker room" banter. [Image by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]

“Well, first of all — locker room talk. And most people have heard it before. I’ve had a lot of women come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I’ve heard that, and I’ve heard a lot worse in my life,'” before noting that it would be a stupid reason for him to lose an election when the issues of fixing our borders, getting rid of ISIS, and rebuilding the military is what he is trying to push.

After referring to Mrs. Clinton as “Crooked Hillary,” Trump talked about being untreated unfairly by the press. For the most part, Bill O’Reilly agreed with Trump and promised to get into specifics about Trump’s unfair treatment by the media on Wednesday evening’s episode.

Even before the second debate this weekend, U.S. News & World Report predicted that the moderators would be biased in favor of Clinton.

“What is almost certain is the debate format – a town hall where the audience asks questions pre-selected by moderators and producers who no doubt lean left – will see rockets fired at Trump’s head while Clinton effortlessly bats away the few softballs lobbed in her direction.”

According to many, the article’s predictions came true, though Hillary was asked some pretty tough questions. Still, the debate helped Trump stay in the game when most thought he was over with as the weekend started. In fact, Trump told Bill O’Reilly Tuesday night that he thinks he will still win.

Hillary Clinton Bias
Many think the media has shown a lot of bias in the hopes of getting Hillary Clinton elected. [Image by CBS/Getty Images]

As the interview went on, Trump kept going after Hillary.

“What women want is secure borders. They want safety. They want a police department that’s allowed to do its job. They want a lot of things that everybody else wants, and Hillary Clinton can’t do it,” Trump continued before telling O’Reilly that Clinton has been doing “this stuff” for 30 years, and she has failed every single time.

Trump went into Hillary’s tenure in New York State, which he believes was an absolute failure. He accused Clinton of creating ISIS because of her policies. O’Reilly, however, indicated that they were actually Obama’s policies. Donald Trump said, in a childlike tone, that there is nothing that Hillary hasn’t screwed up.

Bill O’Reilly then got into the topic of Trump attacking John McCain, who Trump says he felt guilty giving an endorsement to. Trump accused McCain of having one of the dirtiest mouths out there. O’Reilly told Donald that if he’s going to be elected, he is going to need both Ryan and McCain, and Donald Trump said they’ll get there eventually.

One thing is for certain when listening to Donald Trump and watching his body movements during the interview — he is very hurt, disturbed, and nervous about his election prospects. It remains to be seen if Trump’s situation will be helped by continuing to hurl insults at others.

[Featured Image by Elsa/Getty Images]