Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’: Millie Bobby Brown’s Breakout Role Made Her Career, Now Father’s Greed May End It

Stranger Things on Netflix ended up being the breakout young actress Millie Bobby Brown needed. Earlier this week, the Inquisitr reported there was a chance Millie Bobby Brown would not be returning to Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix because negotiations with her contract were not going the way her father had wanted them to.

It turns out Millie Bobby Brown and her family were having a hard time financially and landing one of the lead roles in Stranger Things on Netflix really turned things around for the young actress and her family. While Season 2 of the series has been renewed, there is a chance Millie may not be in it if her (and her father’s) demands regarding her pay are not met.

Stranger Things Cast
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Variety reports that during this very competitive situation, Millie Bobby Brown has signed with WME. Sources confirmed to Variety that a number of large agencies were courting the young Stranger Things actress. Her father, however, may have been making it more difficult for Brown to get signed with any of the agencies as he wanted a large sum of money upfront for the signing. Naturally, this turned a lot of agencies off to signing Millie. While Millie did end up signing with WME, they did not give her any upfront payment.

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Some might argue this 12-year-old British actress has become one of the hottest young stars to watch after the incredible success of the supernatural Netflix Original series. Netflix subscribers are elated to know the series has already been renewed for a Season 2.

Millie Bobby Brown has one of the leading roles in Stranger Things as she plays a mysterious young girl with telekinetic powers named Eleven. Critics and fans agree Millie demonstrated an array of on-screen talents with her ability to play such an emotionally troubled character. To date, she has acquired more than a million and a half followers across social media platforms.

Millie Bobby Brown and Stranger Things Cast
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The skills of young Millie Bobby Brown do not stop at just acting. She has also managed to win the hearts of her audience with her off-screen charisma. This past summer, she rapped a verse with Nicki Minaj while on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. The video of her rapping with Nicki quickly went viral. This, however, was not the first time the young Stranger Things actress had a video go viral as the video she released of herself shaving her head for her role on the Netflix Original series also went viral. Brown even had a role in a song-and-dance number at the Emmy Awards.

Before landing her breakout role in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has had smaller roles in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, NCIS, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, and Intruders.

Variety also reports that while Millie Bobby Brown is not being represented by WME, Affirmative Management will continue to serve as her manager.

How do you feel knowing Millie Bobby Brown may not be returning and Eleven may end up being cast to a new actress for Season 2 of Stranger Things? Do you think replacing Millie with a different actress could ruin the series? More importantly, how do you feel about Brown’s father pushing so hard for more money and upfront money during contract deals and representative signings? Is he being greedy or is he just trying to get what is fair for his daughter? Share your thoughts on Millie, Stranger Things, and her new rep signing in the comments below.

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