‘Scream Queens’ Star Emma Roberts Wants To Kill Stassi Schroeder

There’s plenty going on in this week’s episode of Scream Queens, but Emma Roberts, who plays one of a kind Chanel Oberlin on the series, is already looking forward to the future. While Scream Queens evolves and begins to show the killer’s pattern, Emma has already eyed a new victim for the hospital slasher and she began courting this new guest star during a recent interview. All Roberts really needs to get this casting dream come true is an okay from Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Brad Falchuk. After all, they are the Scream Queens bosses.

Scream Queens Star Emma Roberts Attempts To Recruit Her Idol

People shares that Emma Roberts took a break from Scream Queens to make an appearance on Stassi Schroeder’s Straight Up with Stassi podcast and the interview quickly drifted towards the topic of the long list of victims the series has already amassed since its 2015 debut. While the series has had quite a few notable personalities, Roberts feels that the show has dropped the ball in regard to one possible guest star.

Emma told Stassi that she wants her to appear in Scream Queens, adding that she’s surprised that the Vanderpump Rules star hasn’t already been recruited for a role. Roberts went on to explain that she feels the character of Chanel Oberlin, played by Emma herself, is quite obviously a take on Schroeder, herself.

“I’m pretty sure you could sue us because I think Chanel stole your diary,” joked the Scream Queens star. “Like, I think that the show is loosely based off of your diary.”

Stassi was equally floored by the prospect of guest starring on Scream Queens and by the compliment paid to her by Roberts.

“I am dropping the mic,” replies Schroeder, 28. “I feel like no compliment will ever live up to that so I might as well be shot dead right now.”

Emma Roberts Is Dead Serious About Wanting To Victimize Stassi Schroeder

Scream Queens may have a hilariously self-absorbed drama queen for a lead, but Bravo reveals that Chanel Oberlin doesn’t have anything on Emma Roberts when it comes to getting her way. In fact, Roberts is proving herself to be a devious go-getter. While talking with Stassi on the podcast, Roberts acknowledges the wide array of excellent guest stars to have become a part of the Scream Queens saga, but Roberts also says she’s spoken with Ryan Murphy about bringing more of her “cute friends” to the show as well.

“Honestly, I’m petitioning — I want you to be on the show and then they’ll kill you. Like, I think you should be on the show as a Chanel, and then they’ll murder you,” says Roberts. “Because the thing is, on Scream Queens, they bring all these guest stars on and they’re great, but I’m like, ‘We need to bring in some of my cute friends on here and kill them.’ Like, I don’t understand what’s going on.”

Scream Queens wouldn’t be Stassi’s first venture into the horror genre. Ms. Schroeder was one of the many stars to appear in Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. With that in mind, the idea of getting murdered for Ryan Murphy seemed very appealing to Stassi.

“Yes! Murder me! Do whatever you want,” Stassi exclaims, showing her eagerness for a Scream Queens cameo. “Listen, I’ll seriously, I’ll do whatever you want.”

While Stassi Schroeder’s fans may love to see her make an appearance on Scream Queens, it would have to be written into a carefully crafted story arc. After all, we can’t have Stassi showing up Emma Roberts’ own Chanel Oberlin. Scream Queens only has room for one prima donna.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays on Fox.

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