Ronald McDonald Sad And Lonely As McDonald’s Limits His Appearances Due To Creepy Crown Craze

Ronald McDonald and his bright red hair have been placed in the witness protection program by McDonald’s. Executives of the fast food restaurant with the clown mascot have decided to keep Ronald McDonald appearances limited in lieu of the creepy clown craze that has swept across the nation.

McDonald’s announced on Tuesday that the recent outbreak of violent acts reported across the country – whether the reports were determined to be real or fake – has prompted executives to limit Ronald McDonald public appearances. The decrease in the number of community events at which Ronald McDonald will appear is directly because of the “current climate around clown sightings in communities,” reports New York Daily News.

According to NBC News, McDonald’s spokeswoman, Terri Hickey, emailed a statement saying that executives are “being thoughtful” in their decision to limit Ronald McDonald appearances, but did not go into detail regarding the typical calendar of events at which Ronald McDonald participates, nor did she say by how much they might be reduced.

Incidents of creepy clowns being spotted were first reported this summer in South Carolina but quickly spread to other states across the country. The clowns have been responsible for performing pranks as well as for actual violence, and children have reported clowns hiding in woods and offering them candy.

In September, a boy in New Jersey was chased by three clowns who appeared from a forest. The next day, a different clown, who was carrying a sword, ran after another boy.

In one instance, reports New York Daily News, a 22-year-old woman in Alabama posted threats on Facebook against a high school using the names “Shoota Cllown” and “Flomo Klown.” The threats she posted caused the school to be locked down and resulted in her being arrested Sept. 19 and charged with making terrorist threats.