Bill O’Reilly Claims News Organizations Ordering Employees To Destroy Trump [Video]

Bill O’Reilly, the Fox News Channel anchor, says that at least three news organizations have ordered their employees to “destroy” Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee.

It will be a career killer if the journalists fail to follow this directive, the long-time host of The O’Reilly Factor claims.

O’Reilly made this allegation during an on-air discussion with FNC’s Bill Hemmer about Sunday’s night presidential debate from Washington University in St. Louis. He did not name the news organizations but suggested that more information would be forthcoming.

O’Reilly asserted that the first 30 minutes of the nationally televised debate served as a big win for Trump, while the rest of it was inconclusive.

About his claim of widespread media bias, O’Reilly offered this analysis (see video embedded below) as he conversed with Hammer about the debate.

“It’s a complicated situation, but I think everyone can agree — except for the media organizations that now have ordered their employees to destroy Trump — there’s at least three of them. And, I can’t say who they are right now because I don’t have it nailed down, but I am 100 percent convinced, and these media organizations have actually put out, ‘If you support Trump, your career is done done here.’ That’s how intense it is. I’m talking about big conglomerates. News organizations have sent, not officially, but through the corporate grapevine that we don’t want anybody supporting Trump. If you study it, you can see which ones they are.

Since O’Reilly is asking viewers to study the situation, and whether you like Trump or not, presumably one of these media organizations that O’Reilly is leveling the charge against is CNN. That network’s coverage of the New York real estate mogul and first-time candidate has been almost entirely negative. Whether there is an organized anti-Trump conspiracy remains to be proven by O’Reilly, however. Although Trump has a number of vocal supporters on FNC such as Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Eric Bolling, and Lou Dobbs, Fox has also been very critical of him in its other programming, contrary to some perceptions.

O’Reilly also mocked what he called the left-wing press for getting so upset over Trump’s “you’d be in jail” remark to Hillary Clinton, which was perhaps the key moment of the entire 90-minute face-off.

The Washington Post was very dismissive of the O’Reilly allegation, quipping that despite his busy schedule, “O’Reilly has managed to gather the necessary human intelligence — that is, real-live sources high on the command chain at major U.S. media conglomerates — to aver on live television that perhaps the most sprawling media conspiracy in U.S. history is afoot.”

Apart from the recent scandal about lewd remarks from 11 years ago caught on a hot microphone, and other controversies du jour, Trump’s American First nationalism seems to have galvanized opposition to him from both political parties and various media outlets/corporate interests among those who are generally seen as being part of the globalism camp.


O’Reilly is scheduled to interview Donald Trump tonight on The Factor: Watch this space for the video.

“Trump and O’Reilly have been friends for a long time and regularly went to New York Yankees games together before Trump decided to run for president. While they are admittedly friends, O’Reilly has grilled him on numerous occasions when he felt Trump was wrong,” The Wrap noted.

In a separate matter, RadarOnline is reporting that O’Reilly’s lawyers have convinced a New York judge to place under seal the case file in the $10 million lawsuit against his ex-wife. That means that no one can gain access to the court papers, unlike most lawsuit materials which are considered a public record. Judges frequently grant this courtesy to high-visibility individuals.

Do you think that there is a concerted media conspiracy to take down Donald Trump?

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Added: Here is the Donald Trump interview on tonight’s O’Reilly Factor in which it becomes clear that the presidential candidate likely won’t be inviting Paul Ryan or John McCain to Thanksgiving dinner.