WWE Rumors: Diamond Dallas Page Headed To WWE Hall Of Fame?

One of the best things to guess when it comes to WWE rumors is who is next to get into the WWE Hall of Fame. The best thing is when clues surface that makes people figure out who might be lined up. When The Ultimate Warrior and Sting landed cover roles on the WWE video games, they got in that year. That is why the number one best guess for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame is Goldberg.

Now, there is another clue that might indicate that former WCW star Diamond Dallas Page might be headed to the WWE Hall of Fame as well. The Wrestling DVD Network reported that the WWE is releasing a DVD in March 2017 called Diamond Dallas Page: Positively Living. That means the DVD will hit just weeks before WrestleMania and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

While everyone likes to talk about the nWo as the reason that WCW beat the WWE in the rating’s battle, week after week, it was also guys like Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page that kept fans involved when it came to the actual matches. DDP was easily the most popular WCW face of that era after only Sting.

While Diamond Dallas Page did get a chance to make it in the WWE, bad booking and eye-cringing storylines doomed him. The WWE took Diamond Dallas Page, who was a huge fan favorite everyman wrestler and gave him a “positivity” gimmick that ended with his character stalking the wife of The Undertaker. Diamond Dallas Page was not long for the WWE after that.


However, the worthiness of Diamond Dallas Page goes even further than his professional wrestling career. When Dallas was injured in WCW he couldn’t weightlift and decided to give yoga a try since his wife Kimberly Page did it. Diamond Dallas Page ended up taking the yoga that he did with Kimberly and adding in some resistance training and created DDP Yoga.

The biggest success stories of Diamond Dallas Page are two men who entered the WWE Hall of Fame in recent years. Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts were both lost to their alcohol and drug addictions. Hall believed he was going to die when Diamond Dallas Page called him.


Using DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page gave both Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts something that they could focus on outside of their addictions. Both Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. They would never have made it if not for Diamond Dallas Page.

On top of saving the lives of those two former WWE superstars, other wrestlers have used DDP Yoga and the teachings of Diamond Dallas Page to lengthen their career. Goldust started DDP Yoga and ended up more flexible and able to pull off moves he never could in his younger days. Chris Jericho started DDP Yoga and said that it took away the pain he had lived with for years.


The news of Diamond Dallas Page getting his own DVD just in time for the WWE Hall of Fame is encouraging for fans who have been waiting for the master of the Diamond Cutter to hear his name called. The Inquisitr previously reported that fans might get a vote in the future but this puts one more fan favorite into the WWE Hall of Fame if the Diamond Dallas Page rumors are true.

[Featured Image by WWE]