Donald Trump Slams Paul Ryan, Republican Party; Crazy Tweets About The GOP He Wants You To See

Donald Trump Paul Ryan Twitter

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have exactly one thing in common: their party. Despite having similar views on big-bill issues like healthcare, the Speaker of the House has never really gotten along with Trump. Ryan has said many times in the past that he is “not ready” to endorse Trump for President, though he did finally express support for The Don as a sign of party unity. So, forgive and forget, right?

Not exactly.

Several days ago, the mainstream media dug up a tape showing Trump having lewd conversations with friend Billy Bush. In the tape, Trump claimed he kissed women without asking permission and that it was “okay” to grab them wherever he wanted since he was famous. These controversial statements seemed to tow the party line, dividing even some members of Donald Trump’s own party against him.

Donald Trump Paul Ryan Twitter

Needless to say, Trump took note of those who fired at him, and has continued making remarks about his political opponents on Twitter.

Trump’s first jab is aimed towards all Republicans in general. He criticizes them over their lack of party unity, something that the Democratic Party has been trying to use as a selling point.

Ouch! As the Huffington Post mentioned, Paul Ryan announced that he would not withdraw his endorsement of the Orange One, but would also not aid Trump’s campaign. Trump leveled some attacks at Ryan and the Republican Party as well, despite refusing multiple calls for him to withdraw from the race.

The deluge of disses continued as Trump called GOP members “disloyal.” In the past, The Donald has also denounced Sen. McCain for being captured during military service, and called out GOP politicians like Chris Christie. But not all of Trump’s tweets were quite as vague; some took very obvious shots at Republican loyalists.

Trump claimed that other party Republicans are with him in one tweet. Ryan is clearly not alone in his resistance; forty GOP senators have revoked support for Donald and 30 of those demanded he drop from the race, as found. Trump also vented about this on Twitter, saying it was “very hard” to win the presidential bid with Ryan and other GOP-ers against him.

The struggle between Ryan and Trump’s camp has not gone unnoticed by the public, either. Poll numbers recorded by RealClearPolitics have Clinton ahead of The Donald in every survey except for the L.A. Times. Republicans had previously expressed interest in a Contested Convention to prevent Trump from obtaining the nomination, and some of that sentiment still appears strong.

Donald Trump Paul Ryan Twitter

Trump continued his rant against Paul Ryan by opining that Ryan should focus more on being a good leader and less on fighting him.

Ryan, meanwhile, seems to be stressing the appearance of party unity by keeping his attacks across the aisle. The House Speaker rallied against Obamacare and President Obama’s energy policies on Twitter, but abstained from hitting back at Trump. Oddly enough, Trump seemed to love the fracture that’s dividing the GOP.

Despite attacking the Elephants, Trump still had time to look down on Hillary Clinton as well. On Twitter, the Orange One called Hillary out for the “disgraceful behavior” that WikiLeaks exposed recently. Fox News reported that emails leaked by the site, which suggest Hillary’s questionable relationships with media members.

“Ben Carson could give you real trouble in a general [election],” [CNBC correspondent John] Harwood wrote…”

The emails came from the account of Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta. Whether Trump remains the Republican presidential nominee, there’s no arguing that his latest comments have hurt him in the polls. Is Paul Ryan right to throw him to the wayside, or should parties support their own regardless of what they’ve done?

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