Amber Pasztor: Amber Alert Mom Admits To Killing Her Own Children, Neighbor

An Indiana mother accused of killing her two children last month gave a chilling interview on Monday and admitted that she asked her kids if they wanted to live or go to heaven.

Amber Pasztor is accused of smothering her children in the backseat of a stolen 1999 Mercury Mystique sedan on September 26. During an interview with WANE NewsChannel 15, conducted via video chat while she sat in jail, Pasztor not only admitted to her crimes, but also said she committed them so that her children could go to heaven and not have a life like her own.


“They were in good hands but I don’t think they were safe. My kids are in a better place … they’re in heaven now. They don’t have no worries no more.”

Pasztor’s two children, 7-year-old Liliana and 6-year-old Rene, were living with Pasztor’s father, Rick Green, when the incident occurred. Pasztor allegedly kicked Green’s door at his Fort Wayne home, grabbed her two children, and drove toward the Michigan border in the stolen car. Shortly before reaching Michigan, she heard an Amber Alert for her children, and it was then, according to Pasztor, that she decided to kill her children.

Before murdering them, she asked her kids whether they wanted to live or not, and if they were ready to go to heaven.

“I gave them a choice. That they can live traumatized like their mom, or they can go to heaven with God and be better off….My daughter said she would kill herself first before somebody hurt her.”

Pasztor grabbed her daughter first, and held her nose and mouth shut until she stopped breathing. She reached for her son next and did the same thing. Moments before his death, Pasztor said her little boy told her he wanted to go with his sister. Afterwards, she drove to the Elkhart Police Department and informed officers that her children were in the backseat of the car, both dead.


She also admitted that she shot and killed her 65-year-old neighbor, Frank Macomber, before stealing his car. He was found deceased in a wooded area near Fort Wayne a few days after Pasztor kidnapped her children. While reflecting on Macomber during the interview, Pasztor said that she first lured him into the woods on a camping trip with her by promising him sexual favors.

Once he walked into a wooded area, she said she stood about 10 feet away from him and pulled the trigger while he was looking away.

“I aimed the gun one time and shot him. I don’t even know how I had an aim in me like that, but I did. I’m not proud of it.”


According to a coroner, both kids died from asphyxiation. Their deaths were ruled as homicide. Pasztor said she didn’t have the heart to shoot her children, instead choosing to smother them both.

The Washington Post reports that Green indicated he became the children’s legal guardian after Pasztor became addicted to drugs. He said she struggled with the addiction for a while before the children were placed in his custody.

“We took in her kids because she had problems. I’ve grown to love them very much.”

Pasztor’s neighbor, Gloria Hughett, said that she would see Pasztor often stabbing her own yard with a knife, leaving holes all over the front lawn. Whenever Hughett spoke to Pasztor, the conversation always drifted to the children. Apparently, Pasztor was upset that she lost custody of her children, and she wanted them back.

“She wanted her kids back,” said Hughett. “She talked about it a lot.”

Amber Pasztor is currently at the Elkhart County Jail with no bond, charged with two counts of murder. She still hasn’t been charged with Macomber’s murder. A judge appointed her a public defender.

[Featured Photo by the Indiana State Police]