‘Edge Of Alaska’ Returns With An Intense New Season And A Town Divided

McCarthy, Alaska, is a beautiful place inhabited by several colorful characters. Many of the people who call McCarthy home enjoy the solitude the area offers them, and they don’t want to change a single thing. Despite what they want, change is slowly coming, and there seems to be no stopping what businessman Neil Darish calls progress. So far, Edge of Alaska has focused on the major conflicts arising between Darish and some of the residents, particularly Jeremy Keller. They oppose many of his plans, from providing electricity for the town to developing the historic Motherlode copper mine into a tourist stop.

Previously on Edge of Alaska, Darish’s plans seem to be working so far, and over 20,000 visitors come through McCarthy before the harsh winter weather closes down the tourist season. When Darish first moved to McCarthy, he had big dreams of turning the sleepy little frontier town with only 42 residents into one of the most popular destinations to visit in Alaska. After spending a lot of money and time developing various projects, he is working to make those dreams a reality. Despite protests from some of his friends and neighbors, he is determined that no one will stop him.

Almost every step Neil Darish takes is met with some type of resistance from some of the residents of McCarthy. He has pretty thick skin and doesn’t seem to care about what other people think of him or his projects, but his forceful attitude doesn’t make him many friends. Darish and Keller often have heated arguments, and once they almost came to blows over the electricity issue. Since then on Edge of Alaska, Keller backed off a little, and the two men had an uneasy truce until Keller discovered the plans Neil had for the Motherlode mine.


According to the Futon Critic, this season on Edge of Alaska reveals that Neil Darish’s impulsive decisions have sent him over budget and behind schedule, which forces a mysterious silent investor to pay him an unwelcome and tense visit. As the dangerous hidden force behind all the changes is revealed to the divided townsfolk on Edge of Alaska, the battle to preserve the McCarthy way of life reaches a point of no return for everyone involved.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that Jeremy, who came to McCarthy in order to raise his family off-grid, may face the greatest challenge of all as the real threat of an outsider so dangerously close to taking over McCarthy could thwart all his plans for his family’s future. So far, all his efforts to stop Neil have failed, and fans of Edge of Alaska are very aware that any type of peace won’t last very long between these two volatile men as they both pursue their own interests and goals.

At this point in their relationship, it is highly doubtful that Neil and Jeremy can find common ground, but with a possible new threat to McCarthy, perhaps they will join forces again. Last season on Edge of Alaska, the town was on alert due to a pack of wolves that were attacking and killing dogs. After both Darish and Keller lost one of their dogs, and with concerns that the attacks could ramp up to include people, they became united in their desire to stop the wolves. Darish even gives his former friend some free ammunition to help him out. Perhaps another outside threat to McCarthy will unite them once again.


On this season of Edge of Alaska, as Neil Darish pushes forward to develop the mine, there will undoubtedly be more showdowns with Keller and his small group of supporters. Previously, they tried unsuccessfully to physically block Neil from moving heavy equipment up to the mine. What steps they take next to stop Neil in his tracks remains to be seen, and only time will tell how this dispute will be settled.

Edge of Alaska is produced by Twofour America, where Bernie Schaeffer, Roger Roddy, Melanie Leach, and Andrew Mackenzie serve as the executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Mitchell Rosenbaum is executive producer, and Lisbeth Lozano is coordinating producer.

Are you a fan of the show? How do you think this conflict will end? Leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below. Edge of Alaska premieres on Sunday, October 23 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery channel.

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