‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: Castiel And Mary Winchester Bond, Plus The New ‘SPN’ Trailer And A Cast Video [Video]

The Supernatural Season 12 premiere is just two days away, with The CW releasing a brand-new Memento-style trailer, plus more dish on Mary Winchester’s return from SPN showrunner Andrew Dabb, and just for fun, let’s throw in a clip of Castiel (Misha Collins) kicking some serious you-know-what when Supernatural returns October 13. Here’s your last batch of previews and potential mild Supernatural spoilers before those wayward sons, Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, aka J2), hit the open road again. For the first time, they’ll get to do some hunting with their mama, Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), in tow. And as Dabb hints, you can rest assured Papa Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) wasn’t the only one who passed down some serious hunting skills to the boys.

Buckle up, SPN fans, and crank up the radio.

Mary Winchester Is No Angel, But No Devil Either On Supernatural

If some Supernatural fans were wondering about the nature of the newly resurrected Mary Winchester, showrunner Dabb made it clear in an interview with EW that Mama Winchester is definitely human, and all that entails.

“There is nothing demonic, nothing angelic. We’re treating her very much as a character and the character who has been a part of Sam and Dean’s story for 11 seasons. This is really her and she’s having a real impact on our boys.”

Apparently, it isn’t only “the boys” Mary is having an effect on, but expect the woman who spent the last 30 years in heaven to form an interesting bond with Castiel, due to the fact that they both are misfits and outsiders in this brave new world that neither completely understand. Suffice it to say Mary Winchester doesn’t have a Facebook account and can’t even tell you what that is, upon her return. The only thing more shocking than her exit from Supernatural, via a ceiling-bound bonfire, is returning after a 30-year absence from any references to pop culture or technology. Even her own sons, Sam and Dean, look completely different from when we last saw her on Supernatural.

Dabb said the Supernatural writing team had been wanting to bring back Mary Winchester for quite some time, and they finally felt that now was the right time to do it and that they could integrate her into the current story.

“At the heart, the dynamic of [Supernatural] is unchanged in that it’s always going to be about the brothers, it’s always going to be about the family they’ve put together, and Mary doesn’t so much upset that as complement it. When she comes in, it’s family through another lens. She is their origin myth, her death led to everything, so when she comes back, the boys having a mother again which they really haven’t had… How does she affect Sam? How does she affect Dean? She and Castiel form a really interesting friendship and we think she’s a nice pivot point around which we can spin our characters.”

mary WInchester burns in Supernatural
[Photo by The CW]

Castiel Is Mad As Hell And Won’t Take It Any More

And speaking of Castiel — as well as kicking some butt — some preview video shows SPN fans’ favorite sweet angel breaking a little bad, thanks to a bone he has to pick with Lucifer (redesigned as a rock star with Rick Springfield now in the role). Misha Collins gives a little insight in the video into what’s eating away at the gentle angel Supernatural fans love, but who ain’t playing any more with these bad guys.

“He is angry that he dropped the ball with Lucifer. He feels like he made yet another bad choice, and he’s coming out swinging at the beginning of Season 12. He wants to set things right. That means going after Lucifer, hunting him down, and getting him.”

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Rumors have been circulating all summer that as Supernatural seems to be winding down the series and approaching the inevitable final seasons and episodes, Castiel might die during Supernatural Season 12. Even the sacrilegious suggestion of such a thing may cause an SPN fan riot, but TV shows tend to start wrapping up character stories as shows near the end. And by wrapping up, that often means killing them off.

As for the rest of the cast, Supernatural viewers from last season know that Chuck (aka God) and Amara are trying to rebuild their broken relationship, but as previously reported on Inquisitr, their story will take something of a backseat in Season 12. Sam is wounded and missing, and even though the boys are happy to have mom back, Supernatural showrunner Dabb revealed in that EW interview that there may be some tension related to the fact that Mary Winchester never wanted her babies to grow up to be hunters.

Mary Winchester defends Dean
[Photo by Katie Yu/The CW]

The Road So Far…

While Supernatural fans are used to the traditional montage of previous seasons set to the tune of “Carry On My Wayward Son,” the latest Supernatural Season 12 trailer has a completely different vibe. It’s a lot easier to watch it than to describe it, so check out the video below:

And just for a little more fun before the Supernatural Season 12 premiere, check out this funny video from EW, with cast members describing Supernatural in a 30-second clip. Twelve seasons and just as silly as ever.

Set your DVRs, get your “road food” snacks and pie, and make sure you draw some protective symbols on the walls, in washable materials, of course. Supernatural Season 12 premieres October 13 on The CW. Don’t you cry no more.

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