NFL Rumors: Colin Kaepernick Starting For San Francisco 49ers Again

When NFL teams believe that a season might be lost, they tend to try to change things up to see if anything can be salvaged. That is what San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly is doing. He has decided that he wants to see if Colin Kaepernick can be a starting quarterback again, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

With the San Francisco 49ers being 1-4, Chip Kelly and his coaching staff decided to have some meetings to see what changes they could try. The big debate what whether or not the team needed to make a change at the starting quarterback position.

After talking things over with his assistants, Chip Kelly announced that the San Francisco 49ers would be changing things up at quarterback. Blaine Gabbert is being sent to the bench, while Colin Kaepernick will be given another chance to prove that he can be a valuable contributor in the NFL.


The decision to put Colin Kaepernick back into the starting lineup should generate a good amount of headlines for the San Francisco 49ers. The embattled quarterback has already been generating a ton of attention through mainstream media because he has been protesting the national anthem for the past several weeks.

Colin Kaepernick was being paid $125,000 in bonus for being on the sidelines per game. That’s a good amount of money to take home, especially when you consider that he would spend much of his time sitting on a bench and looking at a tablet filled with plays run by Blaine Gabbert.

Considering the amount of money that Colin Kaepernick was being paid to be on the sidelines, it makes sense that the San Francisco 49ers attempt to see what they can get out of him. It also does not help that Blaine Gabbert is one of the lowest ranked quarterbacks in the NFL at this point.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert
Blaine Gabbert [Image by Thearon W Henderson/Getty Images]

Michael Bennett, the ever outspoken defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, said earlier in the season that there was no challenge in playing against Blaine Gabbert. Bennett stated that he felt the San Francisco 49ers had a better chance of winning with Colin Kaepernick behind the center.

There were assumptions being made that the San Francisco 49ers decided to do a quarterback change because Colin Kaepernick agreed to restructure his contract. However, a new deal has not been signed by the two sides. Plus, Chip Kelly stated that he has no clue as to the status of the contract renegotiation.

One of the things rumored about the contract negotiations was that Colin Kaepernick was willing to give up some guaranteed money in case he becomes injured. Many believe that he was willing to do that because it would increase his chances of getting back on the field.

San Francisco 49ers coach Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly [Image by Thearon W Henderson/Getty Images]

Colin Kaepernick does not know what his future in the NFL holds. Doing well for the San Francisco 49ers does not necessarily mean that he will be their permanent starter. There is a good chance that Niners management is putting Kaepernick on the field to increase his trade value.

All that Colin Kaepernick and his representatives know is that he needs to be on the field. Otherwise, he is simply just wasting away his years in the NFL. His protest will not mean as much if he is not playing, and his ability to generate more revenue becomes handcuffed if he remains a backup.

NFL fans love to see drama, something that Colin Kaepernick has already produced thus far this season. Now, he gets a chance to generate interest by what he does on the football field as opposed to what he does on the sidelines.

[Featured Image by Thearon W Henderson/Getty Images]