Dylan O'Brien Has Not Completely Recovered From Full Facial Reconstruction Surgery After 'Maze Runner' Accident

Kim McLendon

Dylan O'Brien needed full facial reconstruction surgery after his nearly fatal Maze Runner accident, according to his fitness coach Roger Juan. Dylan is currently training hard in an effort to speed up his recovery, but his coach says they have to be careful of his heart rate and blood pressure.

Dylan O'Brien's injuries were concealed from fans for months, but now the truth is slowly leaking out. According to Melty, Dylan is still weak and has not fully recovered. Even though he has returned to work, he isn't back to his old self yet. Juan explained in an unsteady voice just how serious Dylan's injuries were and the determination and hard work it is taking to regain his strength.

"He was seriously hurt... he's coming back... he's training very very hard."

Roger Juan gestured toward the side of his own face and head, encircling nearly half of his own head as he explained the extent of the damage. It has been reported that O'Brien's orbital bones were fractured, but in the video below, Roger was pointing from the top of his own head down to well below the cheek bone.

"For me personally I wanted to do it. He's a really good kid and the challenges he has to go through in terms of the whole facial reconstruction. Getting in shape and having the limitations because it's still very raw in terms of physically. There's still things he's recovering from."

Roger Juan is giving fans a strong hint that Dylan was gravely injured, and that his injuries were and, perhaps under certain circumstances, still are life threatening. Even after seven months, Dylan has to watch his vital signs and avoid extreme exertion that could run up his heart rate and blood pressure.

— Stydia News (@StydiaNews) October 3, 2016

"He's all better. It was more than disconcerting. I never saw him in his worst form, but it was described to me. It was really scary. He came close to dying, I'm pretty sure. It was enough to shake your core."

Dylan O'Brien's injuries were deliberately kept from the public, so little is known about what Dylan was going through six and seven months ago. It was certainly a lot different than what was revealed at the time. O'Brien wanted to return to work and start training again with Roger Juan, but is he ready?

Will Dylan O'Brien ever be ready to return to the Maze Runner set? Does he have to go back to the workplace that nearly took his life to make a movie already over a year behind schedule? Did the Maze Runner production crew take unnecessary risks with Dylan that led to this tragic injury?

When Dylan O'Brien was injured, Canadian worker safety officials investigated what happened. According to the Huffington Post, British Colombian WorksafeBC found 20th Century Fox at fault in that they "failed to ensure the safety" of their worker, namely Dylan O'Brien.

"British Columbia's work-safety agency says a film production company 'failed' to ensure the safety of workers on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure when actor Dylan O'Brien was injured in March. WorksafeBC says an actor was injured March 17 after a change to an action sequence in the film."

Will Dylan O'Brien be safe if he does return to Maze Runner? Did they take unnecessary risks with Dylan? Would they again? Should O'Brien trust them with his life again just to make a movie?

The Inquisitr has detailed accounts of what is believed to have happened on set in the related reports list below.


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Dylan O'Brien was seriously injured and by some accounts nearly killed. There is speculation that a pending lawsuit against 20th Century Fox could be the reason for Dylan's silence on the subject. Generally, people directly involved in litigation are not allowed to comment until after the trial or settlement.

Dylan O'Brien's former employer from Deepwater Horizon said that O'Brien nearly died. His current coach is saying he hasn't fully recovered and must be careful not to overtax himself. Meanwhile, the dates for shooting and releasing the third Maze Runner film next year are being announced in the press. Are they trying to force Dylan to return while he may not be ready?

Dylan O'Brien's coach, Roger Juan, says Dylan O'Brien hasn't fully recovered yet from injuries received during the Maze Runner accident.

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