Kim Kardashian Robbery Halloween Costume Emerges, North And Saint West Not Allowed To Trick Or Treat?

After the Kim Kardashian robbery left the reality television star and her loved ones shaken, it appears that everyone may be exercising more caution over the ordeal. Just recently, there’s been reports that Kim and Kanye may not allow their children, North and Saint West, to go trick or treating. In addition, there’s a brand new Halloween costume which is mocking the celebrity’s scare in Paris, France. However, it appears it has caused enough commotion or controversy already that it may have been yanked from the sales page.

As Fox News reported, there is a Kim Kardashian robbery-themed costume that has sparked outrage. The costume package consists of a short white robe along with a long black wig, big sunglasses, two inches of rope and a “$4 million dollar fake ring.” The costume is officially called the “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim.” As of this report, a check of the costume retailer Costumeish showed a “Whoops! Page not found” for the costume listing, which means it may have been pulled down.

Use of the search bar on top of the site to start typing in “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim” shows a first choice that is the actual costume, but clicking on that also leads to another page full of different costumes. However, it does show that the price was $69.99 for the kit. It also has a brief description of the costume saying “This Halloween it’s all about the #Hallowmeme and who better than America’s goddess of all things glamorous…”

Apparently, Fox News indicated that when a rep for the costume site was contacted, they said there were no intentions of removing the listing, and it had been selling well.

“Our deepest sympathy to the family and nobody deserves to go [through] what she did. We are not mocking her, however, Halloween reflects pop culture and celebrities are no different.”

By the way, the Costumeish website also sold the “Cecil the Lion killer dentist” costume kit. Just recently, there were reports the price was raised for that costume, which was also controversial around the holiday.

Meanwhile, Halloween may get even less fun for the young Kardashian kids. According to Hollywood Life, there’s an insider saying that Kanye and Kim may not allow trick or treating to take place following Kardashian’s robbery scare. That could be bad news for North and Saint West, who are ages 3 years, and 10 months, respectively.

The inside source said that the children originally were going to get to do that, but in the aftermath of the experience Kim went through, it seems it won’t be happening.

“The kids want to trick or treat and that was going to happen, and Kim and Kanye were excited to make it happen, but plans have changed since the robbery. Kim doesn’t want to go out now and instead is looking to hold a private party at home and have the entire family, especially Kourtney, over to dress up and play games. [Kim wants] to have all the kids eat candy and just watch fun movies and be safe in their home instead of having to deal with going outside for it.”

Kim Kardashian with North and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian, North and Kanye West attend a fashion show. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

So while North and Saint West may get to dress up in fun costumes, it seems likely they won’t be going around to get their share of candy. When it comes down to it, it certainly makes sense that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want to be protective of the children. Also, it seems to be in poor taste that a costume was released to take advantage of someone who was victimized. While Halloween is always a fun time that involves dressing up and even mocking celebrities with fake blood or scary masks, sometimes companies may go just a bit too far.

It should be interesting to see if Costumeish can start selling this Kim Kardashian Halloween costume again, or if other vendors try to take advantage of the controversial costume idea. Halloween is less than three weeks away, so even without an actual costume kit, some party goers may still decide to get creative with the situation. As for North and Saint West, one has to believe they’ll be going trick or treating at some point in their early childhood.

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]