Vicki Gunvalson Previews Major Drama With Shannon Beador In Ireland, Denies Befriending Kelly Dodd Out Of Desperation

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" stars Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd

Is there actually a chance for Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador? On the latest Real Housewives of Orange County episode, which showed the women beginning their vacation in Ireland, Vicki and Shannon seemed to get along and even seemed to have fun together. Unfortunately for viewers hoping to see Vicki and Shannon back to how they used to be, the good times between the two women apparently didn’t last for the entire trip.

During Vicki’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) on Monday night after the episode aired, Vicki admitted that she and Shannon had major drama with one another towards the end of the trip. During her appearance, Vicki also addressed her friendship with new cast member Kelly Dodd. Vicki denied the accusation that she and Kelly bonded so fast because she was desperate for a friend on the cast.

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During the after-show portion of WWHL, a viewer asked Vicki where she stands with Shannon now. Vicki admitted that her relationship with Shannon is bumpy and that while viewers saw her and Shannon getting along on the latest episode, the peace doesn’t last. What happened between the two? Vicki would only say that it turned “really bad” between them at the end of the trip.

“[Sighs] It’s a bumpy, bumpy, bumpy ass road. Yes. Right now, I mean you’re going to see it ebb and flow. Ireland, we actually come together and we’re at a great place, and then at the end of Ireland it turns really bad, so it is what it is.”

Later on during the talk show, Vicki talked about what a great connection she had with Shannon, who joined the show during the ninth season, right off the bat. Vicki pointed out that she and Shannon got along great so quickly because of their similarities.

“You know when Shannon came on, we were close right away…Shannon and I hit it off right out of the gate. We’re both Aries. We have the same age group. It was just easy.”

Andy chimed in that for several seasons prior, Vicki had complained about how the new cast members were women in their 30s and told him that the show needs to add women who are closer in age to her.

On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9, Vicki and Shannon became close very quickly. Vicki helped Shannon as she went through marital difficulties with her husband, David Beador. At one point, Vicki and her then-boyfriend Brooks Ayers even vacationed with Shannon and David in Mexico in a bid to help bring Shannon and David together. Yet, the friendship ended the next season.

Initially, on Season 10, when some of the other women began questioning Vicki and Brooks’ claim that he had cancer, Shannon stood by Vicki. The friendship quickly began to deteriorate when Shannon herself questioned why Vicki wouldn’t just show Brooks’ medical records to quiet all of the speculation surrounding his diagnoses. Vicki took Shannon’s question to be a betrayal. The nail in the coffin was set when Shannon, as shown in the season finale episode, found out that Vicki had told others that David had cheated on her. Shannon lashed out at Vicki for telling her secret.

Will Vicki reveal more of Shannon’s marriage secrets? On last week’s episode, Vicki accused Shannon of being a liar. Vicki was then shown saying in a confessional interview that when she and Shannon were close, Shannon confided in her about her marriage. Vicki threatened that while she has kept Shannon’s marriage secret safe so far, she may reveal it if Shannon doesn’t stop being mean to her. Yet, it seems that Vicki has already told Shannon’s marriage secret, if there really is one, to at least one person. As the Inquisitr reported, Kelly Dodd wrote on her blog that Vicki told her Shannon’s secret already.

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Vicki Gunvalson’s comments on WWHL about how quickly she bonded with Shannon Beador were actually in response to a viewer who asked Vicki, who wasn’t friends with any of the other women at the beginning of Season 11, whether she became friends with Kelly so quickly because she needed a friend on the cast. The viewer said that Vicki is usually hard on newcomers. Vicki denied that she’s hard on newcomers, pointing out that when Shannon joined the cast, they became good friends quickly. Vicki then explained that she and Kelly actually already knew of one another before actually meeting because of a mutual friend and that they get along because Kelly’s “cool.”

“When you start filming with these ladies, you want to be friends. You don’t want to start off enemies. Some of the girls rub me wrong in the beginning but Kelly and I had a mutual friend. We already knew each other but we had never met till the first night on the boat. We knew each other, talked, we tried to get together for dinner. When I realized she was cast, it was just great because we had the same mutual friend. Yeah, she was cool. I want to like everybody. I don’t really want to go in being negative or ornery or crabby. So I don’t want everyone to think that I don’t like new girls. I really don’t like a lot of girls around me. I like boys and I like my family. Girls, they all want to hurt each other.”

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On Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, viewers saw Vicki stay out of the drama when Kelly and Tamra Judge began arguing with one another in an Irish pub. As Tamra and Kelly yelled at one another, Vicki remained silent. Vicki, in a confessional interview, commented that she stayed out of the drama because it had nothing to do with her. Later, Kelly opted out of a group dinner due to her fight with Tamra, which may or may not have included Tamra hitting her. Yet, Vicki joined the rest of the group and had a great time.

A preview for next week’s episode shows that viewers will see Kelly Dodd get into a very heated confrontation with Shannon Beador later on in the trip while the group is on a bus. Will viewers see Vicki Gunvalson speak up on behalf of Kelly when Kelly gets into it with Shannon? Perhaps that’s why it turned “really bad” between Vicki and Shannon at the end of the Ireland trip?

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