Kim Kardashian Divorce? Is The 'KUWTK' Star A Victim Of Domestic Violence?

A Kim Kardashian divorce seems to be on the brink. While Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West have been surrounded by these rumors for quite some time, new reports about the state of their marriage have recently come out.

Movie News Guide recently reported that a former bodyguard for the Kardashian family shared some incriminating inside details about Kimye. Mark Behar allegedly said that the couple's lifestyle more so resembles a "business arrangement," rather than a traditional marriage. The bodyguard who once worked for the Kardashian clan, also insisted that Kim Kardashian and music mogul Kanye West, wouldn't last too much longer.

Though Kim Kardashian's divorce rumors haven't been deemed either true or false by the reality TV star herself, the gossip only continues to circulate. Behar said while Kimye ideally wouldn't want to remain together, they feel they must for the sake of their children. The bodyguard also added that if the couple didn't have kids, they would have ended their marriage long ago.

Movie News Guide also claimed that Behar revealed that the couple has a violent relationship. The former employee of the Kardashian family said that couple constantly shouts at each other. He allegedly added said that the couple potentially has a violent side.

A Kim Kardashian divorce might be underway soon if these domestic abuse rumors prove to be true. Behar supposedly wouldn't be surprised if the couple behaved violently towards each other. The bodyguard also added that most of the couple's troubles stem from "Kanye talking to and flirting with other women." Kim Kardashian is allegedly not pleased with the rapper's antics. While Behar claims that the couple gets into a lot of verbal disputes, he also wonders if the couple has gotten into any domestic disputes. Still, that information remains unknown to the general public.

Kim Kardashian's divorce possibility could also be attributed to the fact that she and Kanye West allegedly have a dull sex life. Movie News Guide claimed that West has reportedly been "body shaming" his wife. The rapper is supposedly displeased that his wife has gained weight since the birth of their two children, North and Saint West. While Kim Kardashian has made attempts to lose the weight since her pregnancies, she's allegedly been struggling to drop those few pounds.

It has appeared that Kardashian has been struggling with body image for quite some time. Headline and Global News had reported earlier this summer that the couple's sex life has fizzled out, due to her body image. An anonymous source close to Kim Kardashian spoke to this.

"Kim tells her sisters that her sex life is going to s**t and that Kanye never makes her feel sexy anymore."
Other Kim Kardashian divorce rumors have claimed that the reality TV star is already in the process of putting their marriage to an end. Radar Online recently reported that Kardashian has been defying her husband's orders for quite some time. The reality TV star was recently seen wearing lacy see-through pants, while she was in Paris.

A Kim Kardashian divorce could definitely be a result of Kanye's demanding behavior. While the reality TV star loves to wear scandalous outfits, her husband continues to be displeased with his wife continuously flaunting her assets. The rapper was allegedly furious when he found out that his wife had done another one of her photoshoots in Mexico. A source close to the Kardashian family discussed Kanye's frustration.

"Kanye could not deal with seeing the photos of Kim all over the internet... He told her that she is married and she needs to start acting like it."
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