Creepy Clown Epidemic Rages On: Bozo Impersonator Captured On Viral Video Hitching A Ride On Back Of Detroit Bus

The creepy clown epidemic continues. Everywhere you look these days, there is a clown putting on their circus garb to terrorize both kids and adults on the street corner and in neighborhoods. One of the most recent sightings was caught on video, and it has since gone viral. Someone captured a person in a clown outfit hanging off the back of a DDOT bus as it was moving through the streets of Detroit last Saturday.

The video shows this Bozo impersonator with big orange hair and red nose hitching a ride on the vehicle as it carried passengers to their destinations. A person in the car behind the bus saw what was happening and grabbed their phone to capture the dangerous incident. Click On Detroit posted the details of this latest creepy clown fiasco. Apparently, the bus driver and the riders had no idea what was happening at that moment.

The viral video, which was posted on Facebook, now has over 600,000 views. This is a scary scene for everyone involved. WDIV in Detroit caught up with some people on the street who are regular bus riders, and they are not happy about seeing this crazy clown and his dangerous stunt. In fact, they are pretty worried about it. Michelle McKinney found the whole thing to be creepy. In her view of things, she said that it looked like he was up to something bad and may have been trying to get onto the bus to hurt people. However, it may have just been a joy ride for this person and a way to grab his one minute of fame.

In a rather strange coincidence, the same person who posted the bus video also captured what looks to be the same creepy clown, or at least the exact same costume, riding in the backseat of a car. The once-funny clown sightings have turned into a ridiculous epidemic this Halloween season. DDOT definitely didn’t find the bus riding incident humorous at all. In their statement that was released after seeing this video, they stated that the police have been contacted and an investigation is underway.

“The safety of our riders is DDOT’s number one priority and that is why we have significantly increased our Transit Police presence and have installed surveillance cameras inside and outside of all of our DDOT coaches. We have forwarded the video to the Detroit Police Department for review.”

This clown could be laughing all the way to court if he is caught, as the Detroit Free Press revealed that riding on the back of a vehicle while it is moving is considered a civil infraction. While jail time is not usually associated with it, being a creepy clown these days is now becoming dangerous, especially if someone feels threatened by them.


Whether you like clowns or not, this seems to be getting way out of hand and making people hate good and decent clowns everywhere. This anti-clown movement is not sitting well with the sweet and funny clowns who are known for putting a smile on children’s faces. Hopefully, this creepy clown situation will die down after Halloween and the real deals will go back to their lives without having to worry about being the most hated faces on the block.

In the meantime, the public’s hysteria over clowns could end up with someone getting seriously hurt. There are so many hoaxes out there as people now think it is funny to scare others, but local police officials are taking these sightings seriously.

Have you seen a creepy clown in your neighborhood?

[Featured Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]