Josh Murray Reunites With Amanda Stanton, But Some ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans Worry Their Relationship May Be In Trouble

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray of 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Bachelor in Paradise stars Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have been virtually inseparable since they fell in love during Season 3 of the show, but they recently spent a few days apart. Josh and Amanda have weathered quite a few storms when it comes to their engagement, but so far, they seem to be staying united and strong in the face of the negative buzz. What’s the latest from these two?

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton recently headed off to Georgia together for the weekend, spending time with his family and friends and taking in the University of Georgia Bulldogs football game. The lovebirds posted some photos of a trip to Disneyland with her girls after their adults-only jaunt to Georgia, and later social media posts indicated that Josh was back in Georgia again briefly. As Murray was back home, Amanda took a quick trip to Las Vegas where she joined Bachelor bestie Lauren Bushnell during a fun bachelorette party trip.

As Bachelor in Paradise fans know, Josh is from Georgia, but he moved in with his fiancee in California shortly after they got engaged. Murray posted a photo on Instagram noting that he was away from Stanton for a few days as he was in Georgia, and then an Instagram post a couple of days later showed his fiancee and the girls. In his comment on the post, he said he was finally going to see his ladies, and he had missed all three of them a lot.

Once Josh and Amanda were reunited again, they headed to a farm in Irvine, California with the girls for some pumpkin hunting. It certainly looks like the Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds were thrilled to be reunited again, and Stanton’s daughters have clearly taken to Murray.

What comes next for Josh and Amanda? They had previously said that they would be moving to Georgia together, but nothing more specific regarding those plans has emerged since the show’s finale aired. They talked heading into the Bachelor in Paradise finale about being excited to get married and have three more children, but they have also been dogged by rumors of break-ups, fights, and discord.

pickin pumpkins with my pumpkins ????

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My little pumpkins ????

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Amanda and Josh are adamant that things are going well, and they are putting on a united front, but some Bachelor in Paradise fans wonder if things are as rosy as they portray on their social media pages. Some notice some little digs here and there that Murray makes toward Stanton, like a Snapchat where posted a photo of Amanda on her phone with a glass of wine, and he said he was “3rd wheeling it.” As Life & Style notes, he may have been joking, but he added in an angry-face emoji, so some felt it was a bit passive-aggressive.

A recent Instagram post of Josh’s was just text that noted “cause of death: didn’t get attention for five minutes,” and he added a caption of “Cough cough … Is this you @amanda_stantonn” with an emoji. More than 18,000 followers “liked” the post, including Amanda. However, quite a few commented that they thought it was rude to post that and reference Stanton in it. Amanda did comment at one point saying that the post wasn’t negative, and it was funny to a lot of people, but some Bachelor in Paradise fans feel as if this may have been another example of Josh being somewhat passive-aggressive and temperamental.

Cough cough … Is this you @amanda_stantonn ????

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Are Bachelor in Paradise fans being too critical and harsh when it comes to what Josh posts about Amanda, or are some right to be a bit leery considering some of the things his former franchise fiancee, Andi Dorfman, had said, and some of the behavior that he displayed during this past season? Will Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton eventually get married and build a future together or is this one franchise relationship that is destined to fail?

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