Jacqueline Laurita Finally Explains How She Really Feels About Teresa Giudice

Jacqueline Laurita RHONJ

Jacqueline Laurita decided to come back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and many people felt that Jacqueline came back because she wanted to make peace with Teresa Giudice. Teresa was released from prison at the beginning of the season, and she was ready to come home to a drama-free New Jersey.

But Laurita had also admitted to having financial problems, and many people know that the show pays well. She had struggled with her husband’s businesses and raising a child with autism. While Jacqueline was willing to put the drama behind her, it didn’t take long for her to start screaming and pointing the finger at Teresa, calling her a criminal.

According to a new Bravo report, Jacqueline Laurita is now revealing that she truly came back on the show to make peace with Giudice. They used to be best friends, and she really wanted to get close once again. But she felt that Melissa Gorga kept coming in the way as Melissa and Giudice had made peace around Christmas time. While Gorga shouldn’t even be a factor in her friendship with her former friend, Jacqueline Laurita couldn’t help but blame Gorga for the reason Teresa didn’t want to get close again.

“I don’t understand why Melissa ridiculously keeps making it so important to plant the seed that I’m so jealous of her relationship with Teresa when she knows that is so not me. Everybody knows that’s not me. I’m not that way. If that were the case I would have never even encouraged a relationship between them in the first place or put my friendship on the line to try to get Teresa to see Melissa’s point of view,” Jacqueline Laurita explains in her blog for Bravo, revealing that she’s not the person who Melissa is trying to make her out to be.

Jacqueline was heartbroken when she felt that her two co-stars were pushing her out and making her the outcast of the group. Maybe it would have been a huge benefit for her to sit down with Giudice and Gorga and talk things out rather than end up in a screaming match in a restaurant, where she called her co-stars fake and even said Giudice was a criminal. Jacqueline Laurita reveals that her outbursts came from her truly loving Giudice as a sister.


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“Did I love Teresa? Yes, like a sister, but that doesn’t mean I agree with all of the things she says and does. It doesn’t even mean I have to like her all of the time. She frustrates the crap out of me, BUT…there is a long history between us, which is why I was so hurt by her,” Jacqueline Laurita points out in her blog, adding about Gorga, “Melissa was a huge disappointment. She’s a sneak, a liar, and a manipulator. She is everything Teresa told me she was. She used me when she needed me in so many ways.”

It’s not really clear that Jacqueline Laurita believes she was used for, but she feels that Melissa only used her when she needed to get closer to Giudice. While her husband believes her and sees everything from her perspective, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans believe that she may have crossed the line a little bit. She may have overreacted completely, resulting in fans turning their backs on her.

What do you think of Jacqueline Laurita’s comments about Teresa and Gorga? Do you think she’s to blame for not getting along with her co-stars or do you think Melissa has played a role in why Giudice isn’t as willing to get along with Laurita?

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