Nun Caught Stealing Beer From Convenience Store [Video]

A woman dressed as a nun has been caught stealing beer and water from an Oklahoma convenience store, according to the New York Daily News. In surveillance footage recently uploaded to YouTube, an individual who may or may not be a nun can be seen removing bottles of beer and water from a cooler. It’s currently unknown whether or not this is nothing more than shoplifter in a Halloween costume or an elaborate hoax by pranksters.

Although the idea of a nun getting busted for stealing beer and water is humorous to those who spend a lot of time watching old Monty Python skits, the authenticity of the surveillance video has been called into question. At present, it’s unknown where the video game from or who uploaded it. Regardless, it hasn’t taken long for the clip to go viral, capturing the imaginations and tickling the funny bones of folks across the planet.

“I’d love for this to be real but, thinking logically, I’d have to assume that there is that possibility that she is wearing a costume since it is October. Perhaps she was just hoping wearing the outfit would have made her less suspicious,” one YouTube user explained.

If it turns out the beer-stealing nun is nothing more than a crafty thief in a Halloween outfit, he or she joins a number of costumed bandits that have attempted crimes while incognito. According to the Daily Mail, a man dressed as beloved children’s character Gumby tried to rob a Southern California convenience store back in 2011. Since the character’s design involves quite a few straight lines, the thief’s costume of choice was understandably bulky, a problem that became apparent during his robbery attempt.

The video of the nun caught stealing beer and water has been embedded below. Do you think the clip is legit, or is someone using this disguise to aid in their thieving ways?