Seulgi And Yeri Of Red Velvet In Minor Car Accident — K-Pop Idols Temporarily Halt ‘Russian Roulette’ Promotions To Recover

Last month, popular SM Entertainment K-pop group Red Velvet made their second comeback for the year about five months after their first comeback, an extended play (EP) or mini-album titled The Velvet featuring its title track “One of These Nights.” It was another EP or mini-album titled Russian Roulette featuring a track of the same name. Nevertheless, Russian Roulette was a critical success given the fact it was Red Velvet’s return to their “Red” style of music first teased in promos featuring Wendy. For those who do not remember, the Red Velvet’s “Red” style is utilized in their songs “Happiness,” “Ice Cream Cake,” and “Dumb Dumb.”

At this moment, Red Velvet is in the midst of Russian Roulette promotions which includes six trophies total from music competition shows Inkigayo, The Show, Show Champion, and M! Countdown.

Seulgi, Red Velvet, Russian Roulette, K-pop
Seulgi has dirty blonde hair for "Russian Roulette." [Image via SM Entertainment]

The news of Seulgi and Yeri’s minor car crash were reported on Tuesday, October 11, as reported by AllKpop. A representative from SM Entertainment released a statement on said minor car crash providing details of the situation.

“Yesterday around 10 pm (KST), Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Yeri were returning from a break and were heading to their dorm in a taxi. Near Sungsu-dong, due to the taxi driver’s failure to take caution, they ran into a sweeper truck and the accident caused minor injuries. They were rushed to the hospital right away and received prompt treatment. Currently, the two are resting in their dorm, and the two will temporarily halt all promotions to focus on recovering.”

There was more information provided by Soompi since they sourced their report from Korean news outlet Naver. A source from SM Entertainment (it is unknown if it is the same representative mentioned earlier) provided a statement that included a specific time for the accident.

“While Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Yeri were heading back to the dorm in a taxi after their break around 10 p.m., they suffered bruising and minor injuries from a car accident in which the taxi driver hit a garbage truck due to carelessness.”

It was also mentioned that Red Velvet will not be focusing on individual activities which can mean they are about to pursue sole endeavors such as radio show appearances, television appearances, solo music career progression, or the like, but it can also mean individual activities promotion Red Velvet and Russian Roulette. Nevertheless, it does make sense if they are doing individual activities given that only Seulgi and Yeri were paired together while Irene, Joy, and Wendy were absent.

Yeri, Red Velvet, Russian Roulette, K-pop
Yeri, the youngest member (maknae) of Red Velvet, is a redhead in "Russian Roulette." [Image via SM Entertainment]

As mentioned earlier, Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette is a critical success. As of the publication of this article, the mini-album has already sold almost 50,000 copies in South Korea and a little over 1,200 copies in Japan. It peaked at number one on the Korean and Taiwanese charts. In the United States, it peaked at No. 2 on the iTunes US World chart. As for the title track “Russian Roulette” individually, it peaked at No. 2 on both the Korean and US World charts and has almost been downloaded 470,000 times. Comparatively, Russian Roulette did far better than Red Velvet’s last comeback, The Velvet.

For K-pop fans who want to own their own copy ofRussian Roulette by Red Velvet, they can purchase it at YesAsia. Fans can either purchase the mini-album by itself or pay extra to have a poster in a tube included.

[Featured Image by Red Velvet/Instagram]