‘Supernatural’ Season 12: Things We Need To See This Season?

Here's Nine Things Fans Want To See For 'Supernatural' Season 12

Supernatural Season 12 is almost here. There are already some things that fans know, but there are others that we just need to see. Here’s a look at nine things on fans lists around the world.

Memories Of John Winchester

We’ve had all sorts of memories of John from the brothers, but what about from Mary? Now it’s time to find out more about the man she married—the marine, the father, and the husband. Flashbacks would be great, but can we at least have some storytelling?

Stories Of Mary’s Time Hunting

Yes, this is a must for Supernatural Season 12. We’ve only ever seen her deal with Yellow Eyes and then the angels—although she’s forgotten about the latter. Now that we’ll see her in action more, it’s time to share some of her stories from her times hunting with her family. She’ll already have regrets that her boys were brought up in the hunter’s life, but that doesn’t mean she won’t have wisdom to share.

More About The Men of Letters

It’s been a long time since we’ve delved deeper into the Men of Letters. This season of Supernatural has opened the doors by introducing the London division. Can we find out more about the different divisions around the world and why they hate hunters so much? Maybe Mary has run into them in the past.

The Old Castiel

Yes, we know that Castiel is going to get a slight character change. He’ll go back to the Castiel he was in Seasons 4 and 5. It’s time to see that angel again, but let’s not take it too far. He will still have a connection to Dean, and they have all done a lot for each other.

Taking Some Time to Find Sam

Supernatural Season 10 rushed the Deanmon storyline far too quickly. It’s going to be easy to rush finding Sam in Season 12. This needs to take a bit of time. It will give the writers more time to explore the Men of Letters and for a connection to grow between Dean and Mary.

Mary Struggling With the New World

Mary has been dead for more than 30 years, and a lot has changed since then. Jensen Ackles already discussed this with Access Hollywood (in the video below). The internet wasn’t even around when Mary was alive—or it was in its very early stages—so she will have a lot of catching up to do. This is something the fans need to see.

Mary Struggling to Be a Mom

Mary last remembers her boys being children. In fact, Sam was just six months old. It’s so important that we see how she would take to finding out her boys are now grown up. Let’s take the whole hunting problem out of the equation. We need to see how she connects with her sons and how they deal with having their mom back all of a sudden.

Crowley Back to What He Was

Crowley has strayed way too far off the mark. He was once the all-powerful King of Hell, and now things have completely changed. He was a laughing stock last season when Lucifer was in charge. It’s time for Crowley to redeem himself and become the King of Hell he once was.

Rowena Finding Happiness

The problem for Rowena is that she has always viewed power as the key to happiness. When she has had it, she hasn’t truly been happy. In fact, she’s found that the Winchesters are happy together without all the power. So, it’s time for Rowena to find her real key to happiness. Maybe it’s time for her to reconnect with her son.

Supernatural Season 12 is back on Thursdays, October 13, 2016. It’s time for the Winchesters to find each other again and help their mom settle into the new world.

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