Blake Shelton Teaches Jimmy Fallon How To Milk A Cow On ‘The Tonight Show’ [Video]

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Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon keep making each other do things the other hasn’t done before, getting loud laughs while they’re at it.

After trying out sushi — and not being too fond of it — during a previous appearance on The Tonight Show, the country music singer spent a segment of Monday’s episode teaching Fallon how to milk a cow named Oreo at Riverdale Stables, located within Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx.

Before the cow-milking started, the TV host asked Shelton — who was born in Oklahoma and raised in Nashville — whether he was appropriately dressed for the task.

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“Did I overdress?” Jimmy Fallon asked.

“You dressed really disrespectful,” Blake Shelton said. “You look like Howdy Doody right now.”

“You think this is a game? You think this is a game? This is serious right now,” added Shelton, trying his best not to burst out laughing.

“I just dressed for the part. This is, like, what you wear: overalls,” Fallon said. “You should wear something over that.”

“Is your comedy show over yet? We’re here to milk a cow right now,” a faux serious Shelton responded.

Blake Shelton later quipped that Jimmy Fallon was dressed like the character Woody from Toy Story.

In Shelton’s appearance on The Tonight Show more than four months ago, the vocalist tried his hand at eating sushi, a Japanese delicacy that typically consists of rice with vegetables, fruits, fish, or some other meat.

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As the celebrity pals waited for the dish to be brought to their table, Fallon proposed a toast with a shot glass of rice wine in hand before a seemingly confused Shelton.

“Here’s to best friends. Tonight is kind of special,” Fallon toasted.

“Why are you doing this?” Shelton asked.

“Because I love you. That’s all. We’re gonna have fun. This is good,” Fallon said.

Blake Shelton had never eaten raw sushi before, joking that he couldn’t distinguish the tuna from the salmon, among other types of fish, that he and Jimmy Fallon were served for the first course.

“That, right there, looks like a human tongue,” said Shelton, a coach on The Voice.

“Can we get more of that rice wine?” the “Straight Outta Cold Beer” singer asked afterward, revealing his need to get through certain parts of the meal with the aid of alcohol.

Shelton went on to make an identical request, apparently to get through Fallon’s singing.

Shelton released his 10th album, If I’m Honest, in May. One of its singles, “Friends,” is featured on the soundtrack for The Angry Birds Movie, which has grossed nearly $350 million worldwide since its release this past spring.

The Tonight Show has been adept at producing viral videos under the stewardship of former Saturday Night Live cast member Jimmy Fallon, who succeeded Jay Leno as host of the iconic late-night talk show in April of 2014.

Among the show’s most popular videos involving a guest from the music industry is a piece starring Adele. Surrounded by Fallon and The Tonight Show‘s house band, The Roots, the award-winning British singer-songwriter belted out the lyrics to her hit song, “Hello,” backed up primarily by toy instruments.

Lasting over three minutes, the video has been viewed on YouTube nearly 40 million times since surfacing on the site on November 24, 2015.

Are you enjoying The Tonight Show’s videos in the Jimmy Fallon era, including those featuring Blake Shelton? Feel free to share your thoughts on the videos posted here, and others from that library that you can’t stop watching, below.

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