Shannon Beador On Kelly Dodd: ‘She Comes Up With The Most Hurtful Things She Can Say’

Shannon Beador RHOC

Shannon Beador may have been shocked that Kelly Dodd decided to say something about Tamra Judge’s daughter and her custody battle, but maybe she shouldn’t have been surprised at all. It’s no secret that Beador knows that Kelly has some anger management issues and she should have known that Kelly would say or do anything to be hurtful, as she has been on the receiving end once before. Beador didn’t know Dodd all that well when the season began, but Dodd felt it was appropriate to comment on Shannon’s husband’s affair.

According to a new Bravo report, Shannon Beador is now revealing that she feels that Kelly is just being hurtful because she can. Maybe Shannon was hoping that Dodd had learned from her previous mistakes, as everyone was shocked at her comments about Beador’s marriage, but it sounds like the new housewife will say and do just about anything to get her point across. She quickly becomes a mean person, and Shannon wanted to protect her friend from Dodd’s harsh comments.

“Kelly pushed a very understandable button within Tamra. Tamra is an incredible mother that puts her children first. Always. Kelly knows the pain Tamra has experienced because she explained it at Meghan’s kitchen demo. But that is Kelly. I know it all too well,” Shannon Beador explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, according to Bravo, sharing that she knows all too well about being on the receiving end of Dodd’s comments.

It almost sounds like Dodd’s comments come across as defensive mechanisms, except she has nothing to be defending. It’s not like the other ladies have been talking about Dodd’s marriage, her friendships and her relationships to the point where her comments are justified. All of a sudden, she just started talking about Tamra Judge’s daughter, something that Shannon Beador knows is a sensitive topic. And Beador thinks that Kelly really just wants to hurt people.


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“She comes up with the most hurtful thing she can say to someone and blurts it out — never giving consideration to the pain she will cause. She did it to me by saying, “No wonder David cheated on you,” and now she has done it with Tamra and her family situation. It is vicious, unbelievably cruel, and unacceptable behavior,” Shannon Beador explains on her blog, sharing that she has personally been on the receiving end as her co-star quickly started attacking her for her husband’s affair.

When David Beador cheated on Shannon Beador, Kelly wasn’t even filming The Real Housewives of Orange County. She hadn’t been involved with the ladies, and she didn’t know what Beador was going through at the time. And yet, she can say mean and harsh things to Shannon about her husband as if she’s involved. That is causing some trust issues, as Beador clearly doesn’t feel this is appropriate at all.

“I was so surprised to see Kelly playing the victim with Meghan when we arrived home after the pub crawl. She is the one who started the attack. It’s mind boggling how she never takes responsibility for her actions,” Shannon Beador reveals on her blog, sharing that she was even more shocked at how her co-star didn’t take responsibility for saying such mean things to Judge.

It’s clear that there are some clear trust issues between the ladies and Shannon Beador may not ever trust Dodd for the things she has said and done. It’s one thing that she personally experienced the hurtful comments, but she didn’t think that she would say anything to Tamra about such a sensitive issue.

What do you think of Shannon Beador’s comments about Kelly Dodd? Do you think Kelly has an anger management issue?

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