UFO With Pulsating Navigation Light Spotted Landing At Alien Runway Near Moon Crater In Old NASA Apollo 10 Footage [Video]

Apollo 10 image shows Earthrise

Old NASA footage from the Apollo 10 mission appears to show alien UFOs approaching and landing at a runway on the lunar surface, according to alien hunters. The old Apollo 10 footage, according to UFO researchers, proves there was alien and UFO activity on the lunar surface before NASA landed men on the Moon in 1969.

The Apollo 10 mission was the fourth manned mission in the Apollo space program launched on May 18, 1969 as a “dress rehearsal” for the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing in July 1969.

The clip, according to UFO researchers, shows an alien UFO approaching and landing at an alien runway located in a crater near the Icarus crater area of the lunar surface. As the UFO approaches the alleged runway, it displays pulsating lights similar to the navigation lights of passenger airliners taking off and landing at an airport on Earth, alien hunters claim.

The footage was first uploaded online by YouTube UFO researchers We Came In Peace in February, 2013. We Came In Peace specializes in analyzing old NASA images and footage for anomalies indicative of alien or UFO presence in space.

According to We Came In Peace, the old NASA clip is one of several footage of the lunar surface taken during the Apollo missions that shows clear evidence of the presence of aliens and their UFO spacecraft on the lunar surface long before NASA landed the first men on the Moon in July 1969.

“This video is part of a series of original videos from Apollo Missions to the Moon containing footage of unidentified flying objects (UFO),” the UFO analyst wrote in the video description.

He claims that the footage shows a UFO visible in the southern skies of the far side of the Moon performing complex mid-air maneuvers in preparation for landing on what appears to be a landing strip or runway on the lunar surface.

The UFO first moves away from the camera toward the horizon and then turns around to approach the runway. The clip shows the UFO descending and landing in a crater near the Icarus crater.

“A UFO materializes above the southern skies of the lunar far side,” the alien hunter explained. “It initially moves away from the camera almost to the horizon then decides to turn around and head straight to a crater near Icarus — located very close to the camera recording the UFO.”

The UFO hunter’s description of the flight behavior of the alleged UFO suggests that it was not moving randomly over the lunar surface but followed a pattern typical of an intelligently-controlled craft maneuvering to land on a narrow runway.

The alien hunter then attempts to prove the claim that the UFO was actually landing at an alien airport on the Moon by suggesting an experiment.

UFOs landing

“Try this quick experiment: Place a piece of paper or ruler on your screen, and trace the movement of the object across the surface from its position just above the horizon to the final destination,” the UFOlogist said. “Observe how absolutely straight the object’s movement path is from the horizon to Icarus crater.”

The “absolutely straight” path of the UFO suggests it landed on a straight runway on the lunar surface.

But the UFO appears to “skip” across the lunar surface as it moves in a straight path. The UFOlogist explained that the apparent “skipping” could have been caused by the combined effect of the low frame rate of the old clip and the position of the UFO relative to the camera.

No “skipping” is observed at the beginning of the footage because the UFO was far away and moving away from the camera and thus was not changing position rapidly relative to the camera, the UFOlogist argued.

But as it approaches the camera while landing, the footage “skips,” according to the alien hunter.

“The reason why you see the object ‘skip’ across the surface at the end is likely the combination of low frame rate of the original footage and the object’s actual speed.” the UFO hunter explained. “Notice when the object is moving away from the camera at the start it doesn’t seem to skip as much since its position relative to the camera screen is not changing as much as when it is closing in towards the camera.”

The Apollo Lunar Module

Many viewers on YouTube agreed that the footage appears to show a UFO landing at a runway on the lunar surface.

Viewers of the footage on FindingUFO channel claimed to have also spotted moving lights on the ground, suggesting there were several UFOs parked or running on the alleged airstrip near the Icarus crater.

According to a viewer, it appears that several spacecraft were parked or lined up on the ground near the runway. The crafts may have parked in a queue after landing or were taking turns to take off from the runway.

“There were actually three lights on the ground, not just two,” another viewer commented. “First one in the crater, second was in between the first and last, and the third in a crater again.”

“They looked like strobe lights on a runway, meaning they were lighting up one after another,” the viewer continued. “It’s crazy because the more one looks at it the more one sees. At about 14 seconds there is another all the way to the left in the large crater. ”

But skeptics have dismissed the claims, saying that UFO believers are likely to see lights that look like UFOs landing and taking off on a lunar landing strip because the footage is very old and of poor quality.

Others argued that the anomalies may have been due to dust particles near the camera lens or flares.

And despite multiple claims by alien hunters that they have spotted evidence of extraterrestrial life on the Moon in old Apollo mission photos, NASA insists that the Apollo mission found no evidence of life on the Moon.

[Featured Image by NASA/Wikimedia/Public Domain]