David Wright Offer Said To Be In The Neighborhood Of $100 Million

David Wright’s offer for an extended contract from the New York Mets is said to be in the range of $100 million as the beleaguered ball club looks to hold on to one of its few remaining stars.

Wright was one of the bright points on the Mets during a season that unraveled after the All Star Break, Sports Illustrated noted. The nine-year veteran, a homegrown prospect developed through the Mets farm club system, hit .306 with 21 home runs and 93 RBIs in 2012.

The Mets have been trying to reach a long-term deal to keep David Wright, and the offer of $100 million would mark a serious effort after the club lost big-name players in Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran to bigger offers.

As CBS Sports reported:

Wright told the Mets he didn’t want to negotiate during this season, at least delaying their hope to make him a Met for life, and he said in an interview this weekend that that goes for next season, as well. That leaves this winter as the time to get it done.

Based on the surprisingly flattering words he had about the second-division-dwelling Mets, it’s up to the team. There are no excuses.

The verbiage and feeling all still point to this getting done. And, as Jose Reyes, a noted expert in this very situation, opined regarding Wright, “I hope they keep him. He’s the face of the franchise.”

For that very reason (and a few others), it’s hard to see Wright – who’s having a typical year with 17 home runs, 78 RBI and a .317 batting average — leaving. Reyes, who signed for $106 million for six years with the rival Marlins, you could easily see going.

David Wright’s offer does belie some behind-the-scenes concerns about his health, the report noted. But publicly the team’s owner, Fred Wilpon, has referred to Wright as the team’s superstar and has spared Wright the criticism he has leveled on Beltran and Reyes in the past.

Still, the $100 million David Wright offer may not necessarily mean he is a Met for life, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports noted:

The Mets are believed to have some flexibility as they intend to try hard to keep their biggest star. They are expected to give negotiations at least most of October before even considering a trade for Wright.

The Mets have reached out to Wright and star pitcher R.A. Dickey in recent days, and the club is focused for now on trying to sign both players to extensions.

For a team with few bright points in 2012, keeping both Dickey and extending the $100 million David Wright offer would be seen as a positive step for fans craving a turnaround.