Carrie Fisher’s Twitter: Trump Cocaine Tweet Claims Donald’s Sniffles Point To ‘Coke Head’

Carrie Fisher knows a thing or two about cocaine use. Fisher can be seen in the above photo with Beverly D’Angelo. Carrie is the second from the left, with Carrie peeking out from behind Beverly as the Star Wars actress attended a gala for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Beverly Hills, California, on Thursday, March 6, 1997.

Fisher is a prolific writer, with books like Postcards from the Edge written by the actress detailing escapades with cocaine use. With such forthright honesty about her own struggles with drugs, Carrie Fisher has become an expert of sorts on drug users. As such, one recent reply to a tweet directed at Carrie that questioned Donald Trump’s sniffles potentially being related to cocaine use is going viral.

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As seen in the below tweet, a Twitter user named Amy R at the Twitter handle @Reimamy asked Carrie if she believed Trump’s sniffle was related to cocaine usage. Carrie replied that she’s an expert — and that Fisher absolutely believed Trump’s much-talked-about sniffle was related to cocaine.

The topic between Carrie and Amy was definitely related to Trump because Amy was replying to a tweet Fisher had just published on Twitter about Trump and taxes.

“I think I should pay more taxes than someone less fortunate. Donald is for the rich. He’ll only take care of his own.”

In Carrie’s book Postcards from the Edge, which was made into a movie, Fisher wrote about drug addicts without drugs being experts on not doing drugs. Carrie wrote about the inner workings of rehab facilities, with one particular extended stay examined closely by Fisher. Most of the people at the treatment facility were there for cocaine use or free-basing, with the cocaine people sleeping all day because, by the time the former cocaine addicts reached rehab, they’d been awake for weeks, noted Fisher.

Detox processes of cocaine — potentially causing anxiety — were also explored in Carrie’s book. One guy did cocaine whenever he could get his hands on some coke, even though his own brother died of cocaine use.

A person named Alex spoke of never doing cocaine again in Fisher’s book, even vowing that if someone came and offered him cocaine, he would refuse it. However, Alex stated that no one offers cocaine anymore as a social tool; everyone hoards their cocaine, Alex claimed. Others associated alcohol with cocaine.

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Debbie Reynolds, left, and her 15-year-old daughter Carrie Fisher on Feb. 12, 1972 [Photo by AP Images]

Cocaine Anonymous is also mentioned in Carrie’s book, along with telltale signs of cocaine use, such as a painful nose. The struggle to give up cocaine and replace it with healthier habits, such as working out, is detailed.

Even lucky cocaine bottles with handmade cocaine spoons made out of bronze are mentioned. The history of cocaine addicts and their coke spoons prove Fisher knows plenty about kicking a cocaine habit, and the symptoms of those “coke heads” Carrie has run into over the years of her drug dependence and sobriety.

Those symptoms include people who believe they can take normal amounts of cocaine and still function well in society with no one knowing about their cocaine use. From cocaine sellers and cocaine dealers to cocaine users, Carrie’s book is rife with experiences of people who’ve known cocaine intimately.

Fisher wrote about the effects of cocaine keeping people awake at night, begging God to let them sleep and help them give up their cocaine addictions so they could write and function. Carrie detailed spilling cocaine in a tub — with all the “blow” in the bath going to waste.

However, as noted by the Daily Mail, it is Fisher’s publication on Twitter about Carrie thinking Trump’s sniffles are related to cocaine that’s getting the most attention on Tuesday, October 11.

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