Sofia Vergara Spent A Fortune To Drop Her Colombian Accent

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian-born American actress, is one of the most popular Latin Americans to achieve fame in Hollywood. And despite being a television star in Hollywood, Sofia Vergara is still a Colombian at heart.

In fact, the Latina actress still creates quite a stir in the Colombian media when she visits her native country to touch base with her family and friends. Recently, the actress drew huge crowds when she was spotted shooting an advertisement for a Colombian beer. And when she is far away from her native country, Sofia Vergara shows off her native roots by proudly flaunting her Colombian emeralds at a popular awards ceremony in show business.

Even though she is proud to be from Colombia, there was a time in Sofia Vergara’s career when she was fighting tooth and nail to be perceived to be as American as possible. In fact, during the start of her Hollywood career, Sofia Vergara tried multiple times to let go of her Colombian accent, but to no avail. According to the Toronto Sun, the Modern Family actress spent a considerable amount of money in an attempt to drop her thick Colombian accent.

However, she was never successful in shedding her Colombian accent completely. Thankfully, her accent never stopped her from getting the recognition that she was seeking in show business. Even though she had previously established herself by hosting two popular Spanish shows on Univisión, Sofia Vergara acted in a number of English movies from 2002 till 2015.

And it seems as if Sofia Vergara has finally come to accept her strong Colombian accent, as she allowed herself to be mocked when Jimmy Fallon requested she hilariously alter the pitch of her voice by inhaling helium. Helium, though harmless, is known to temporarily change a person’s voice in a funny way as it manipulates the functioning of the vocal chords. According to E! Online, Sofia Vergara’s voice modulation not only made the audiences laugh but it also exhibited one of her many talents.

More than her accent and her modeling skills, it was her particularly thick accent combined with her comedy skills that won her a role in Modern Family, ABC’s mockumentary sitcom. Even though Sofia Vergara denies it, Gloria, her fiery character on Modern Family, is a sensual Latina who has often been criticized for being an incorrect stereotype. However, the role helped Sofia Vergara become an icon and an established actress.

Despite playing the role of a beautiful Latina on television, Sofia Vergara claims to be a shy woman in her personal life, even within her relationship with Joe Manganiello, her actor husband who played the role of Flash Thomson in the Spider-Man movie franchise. According to Yahoo, Sofia Vergara recently appeared on the talk show Harry and revealed that she initially had inhibitions about going on a date with Joe because she found him irresistibly attractive.

In fact, during the initial days of their romance, the Modern Family actress said that she discovered that she was too self-conscious about accompanying a handsome celebrity who is found to be appealing to a number of young girls. However, for many onlookers and media persons, Sofia and Joe appear to be the perfect couple. One of the pair’s favorite ways of calibrating their romance is by visiting amazing beaches encapsulated in an idyllic environment.

In fact, the Chef actress got her first break in show business while enjoying a beach vacation in Colombia, where a talent scout spotted and helped the 17-year-old stunner to become a model. According to ABC News, Sophia and Joe enjoyed their end-of-summer vacation by visiting the tropical archipelago of Turks and Caicos. It appears that the exotic getaway to Turks and Caicos is the couple’s favorite romantic haunt, because the husband and wife also celebrated their honeymoon there in December, 2015.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]