Usain Bolt’s New Business Venture, Celebrity Inspiration, And Why Russian Hackers Infiltrated The Anti-Doping Commission’s System

Usain Bolt business razor blades

Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter and the world’s fastest man, will soon be seen competing against shaving giants like Gillette, Bi, and Schick to expand his business footprint in the global razor market. Keeping up with the growing trend of using multiple blades in a shaving razor, Usain Bolt has decided to launch Champion Shave, his own brand of six-blade razor that will enable men to have a quick, smooth shave.

While starting his razor business, Usain Bolt will be investing $10 million in not only setting up the production facilities, but also in stepping up the marketing efforts that will primarily focus on aligning the distribution channels with the customers. Currently, the fastest man in the world is planning to test his razor products in North America, Europe, and the Caribbean before expanding to other international markets. According to the Jamaica Gleaner, Nugent Walker, Usain Bolt’s executive manager and a close friend, spoke about how the Champion Shave razor products will enable men to look suave while paying a competitive price.

“Our offering is simple – the best possible razor at the best price. Champion Shave offers its customers a better price and gives more refill cartridges than its competitors.”

Walker is confident that Usain Bolt’s razor business will garner a global market share of 25-30 percent by achieving an annual growth rate of 15-20 percent. It may be speculated that the sprinter’s upcoming razor products are targeted to sports-loving men who wish to emulate the Olympic champion.

Earlier, Usain Bolt had teamed with Puma and the KLE Group to lend his name to their sportswear and music tracks respectively. Incidentally, apart from business collaboration, Usain Bolt and Puma share at least one other thing in common: their previous association with the National Football League. In the past, Puma was the official on-field supplier for NFL teams while Usain Bolt had long harbored a dream of becoming an NFL star footballer. In fact, the sprinter claims that he had been approached by several NFL teams to join them. According to the Washington Post, Usain Bolt revealed his admiration about American Football and especially the champions who motivated him.

“I used to watch [football] when I was younger, and the hits that the guys used to take. I know that it is not as bad now, but the hits that the guys would take kind of turned me off.”

Apart from being influenced by NFL players, Usain Bolt has also been motivated by none other than Kevin Hart, the American actor and comedian. In the sprinter’s opinion, Kevin Hart is a celebrity whose attitude and discipline have always motivated him to dedicatedly embark on rigorous training. Despite being an Olympic champion, Usain Bolt has always shown an aversion to improving his techniques through rigorous training. But his indifferent attitude towards fitness training quickly disappears when he thinks about Kevin Hart, the Wedding Ringer actor, who never skips a workout. According to Time magazine, Usain Bolt spoke about the dedication with which the Central Intelligence actor works out in a gym.

“He works out so much. No matter what time, if he has to go on set, he gets up early and gets an hour in, or whatever time he trains for. And then he gets to work. It motivates me.”

Usain Bolt’s dedication towards his sport has enabled him to beat world records and win nine gold medals in the Summer Olympic Games that were consecutively held in 2008, 2012, and 2016.

The sprinter’s status as a world-famous sportsperson has enabled him to work towards charitable causes as well. Recently, Usain Bolt expressed his wish to set up a medical clinic to promote affordable health care in his native Jamaica.

In addition, his record-breaking performance at the recent Olympics Games in Rio aroused the curiosity of many people who would love nothing more than to learn the secrets of the Olympian’s extraordinary strength. According to Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency’s computer systems were infiltrated by Russian hackers who wished to access the medical files of athletes, particularly that of Usain Bolt and some American athletes.

However, Usain Bolt, who has never relied on steroids, has maintained his record of achieving success through sheer determination and dedication to the game.

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