Rihanna & Drake Officially Break Up: Is She Getting Back Together With Chris Brown?

Drake & Rihanna have officially split

Rihanna and Drake have officially called it quits.

That’s according to a new report by E! News, who claimed that Rihanna and Drake have now broken up after seemingly going public and announcing that they were exclusively dating during a romantic moment the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in August.

According to an insider who spoke to the site, Drake and Rihanna are no longer seeing each other exclusively, but reportedly “still love each other” despite their split.

“Rihanna and Drake are seeing other people at the moment. They are not exclusive anymore,” a source told the site of the twosome’s reported breakup. “They still love each other, but their schedules have gotten in the way.”

The breakup report comes amid The Sun’s claims that Drake has recently been spotted out with model India Love, with Hollywood Life reporting that Rihanna was allegedly seen getting cozy with Travis Scott and even recently snuck him into her hotel room during a recent trip to New York City.

However, while reports are claiming that Drake and Rihanna are now seeing other people, E! News’ insider revealed that that doesn’t mean there’s no chance that the two will ever reconcile.

“Anything can change between them though, for better or worse,” the source said of Drake and Rihanna, suggesting that the two could potentially start dating exclusively once again after some time apart. “They are still in each other’s lives,” the site confirmed.

The Drake and Rihanna breakup report comes just days after Hollywood Life suggested that the two’s dating life could be on the rocks after claiming that both had a “wandering eye” and were struggling with exclusivity, which was putting a strain on their relationship.

“Drake has always been a playboy and Rihanna usually picks the wrong guy and now that they seemingly have found the right person for each other they can’t really wrap their head around it,” a source said of Rihanna and Drake’s relationship struggles, just days before E! News confirmed that the two had decided to breakup.

“They are trying to figure out each other in a relationship form,” Hollywood Life’s insider continued of Drake and Rihanna, “because they are so familiar with being great friends, hooking up and then coming back to each other when it is convenient.”

But while reports are claiming that Drake and Rihanna are no longer dating exclusively, does that mean we could potentially see Rihanna back together with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown?

The breakup claims hit the headlines just days after Hollywood Life reported that Brown didn’t believe that Rihanna would ever get serious with Drake and instead claimed that Chris still believes that it’s just “a matter of time” before he and the “Umbrella” singer get back together and start dating again, despite their breakup more than three years ago.

Could Rihanna get back together with Chris Brown?

“She ain’t married and he doesn’t think her relationship with Drake will last,” a Brown insider admitted shortly before E! News confirmed that Rihanna and Drake had broken up after dating for the past several months.

“Chris knows he’s still on Rihanna’s mind,” the Brown source continued, alleging that, despite having a seriously rocky past that includes Chris’s arrest for domestic violence against Rihanna in 2009, “[Chris] still loves [Rihanna] dearly” and wants to reconcile their past relationship.

Chris and Rihanna are yet to comment on reports suggesting Brown’s looking to reconcile and start dating again, though Rihanna did appear to take serious aim at Brown, and potentially Drake, on Instagram just days before E! News confirmed their breakup.

Rihanna took to social media to take serious aim at her exes on October 9, posting a meme that read, “None of my exes are married or in happy relationships. So it’s safe to say that I wasn’t da problem lol.”

What do you think of reports claiming that Drake and Rihanna have decided to breakup? Do you think Rihanna could reconcile with Chris Brown?

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