Fetty Wap And Masika Kalysha Clash On ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Over Their Baby

Fetty Wap made his second appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and it looks like his relationship with Masika has turned bitter.

The last meeting between the former lovers, Fetty stated that he wanted to be an active father and improve his relationship with Masika. They ended the meeting on a positive note, and Fetty went on tour to perform some of his hit songs.

In this explosive episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Fetty Wap is in the studio speaking with a friend who backs up his claim that Masika and he were not in a relationship and that it was a long three-day weekend.

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Fetty also declared that he doesn’t want relationship with Masika and denies that they were looking for a house together, which contradicts her Breakfast Club interview. When asked about the nature of their relationship, Masika denies that she had a one-night stand and says that the relationship was serious enough for them to find a house together. Masika also said the following during her radio interview:

“‘I’m a business woman and I would love to pay you for a record,'” she remembered telling the rapper when they first met. “And he kind of stopped and laughed at me.”

Fetty was reportedly impressed and chose not to charge her for a verse. “He’s like ‘Naw, I’ll do it for free,'” she recalled.


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She also disputes the timeline of their relationship, stating:

“We started talking on FaceTime, and he ended up spending the whole week with me, like every day. I went to all the clubs he hosted, I went to the studio with him, I was at his concerts, and he actually didn’t do the record.”

In an interview preceding Masika’s Breakfast Club appearance, Fetty said the following to the Shade Room, alluding to the rumor that she trapped him:

“I’m just going to say, she knew what she was doing,” he revealed during the interview. “I wasn’t just no random dude in the club. She knew I was going to be there. That’s how that happened. We talked about certain s— that was supposed to happen. I guess she went around that s—. That’s how I knew it was all planned out.”

Masika claims that Fetty later apologized for these comments. However, his recent Love and Hip Hop Hollywood appearance suggest otherwise or that he has taken his apology back because the “Trap Queen” rapper doubled down on his claims.

We were looking at her bicep. My kid was born with muscles. ????????

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Fetty alluded that Masika leaks stories to the press because every time they are together a story goes up about them, and he doesn’t have these issues with his other babies’ mothers. This also contradicts a comment Masika made about Fetty making their relationship public on Snapchat.

Fetty Wap’s friend says that Masika is after his money and wants to ruin his relationship and reputation. Fetty then claims that money isn’t an issue and that he spent $30,000 on his daughter in one day.

Fetty also states that his issues with Masika are preventing him from seeing his daughter with her. He says he will always support his daughter. He also declares that he is Masika’s baby’s father and they are not a family.

This also contradicts Fetty’s previous apology where he promised to be there for his family.

During Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Fety and Masika were texting and talking for over three days while he was in LA, and he had not yet seen his daughter.

Masika claims that Fetty takes his friends out to lunch first before seeing his child. She is considering cutting him off and going through the court system.

Masika also stated that the rapper visits after 10 pm when his daughter is sleeping. Masika says her baby’s father broke his promise of being a full time dad, while Fetty claims she is preventing him from doing so.

Who do you think is telling the truth: Fetty or Masika?

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