October 11, 2016
Matthew Gray Gubler, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Tyler Posey, And Dylan O'Brien: Which Heartthrob Is For You? Try This Fun Fact Quiz

Matthew Gray Gubler, Harry Styles, Niall Horan Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien are five major teen idols, each adored by millions of fans. They are all the stuff of girls dreams. Each one of these guys is unique. Which heartthrob a girl chooses has a lot to do with her personality, likes, and dislikes. How much do fangirls know about their heartthrobs? How much do they have in common with them? Take the test and see, but first a few words about these guys.

Matthew Gray Gubler is an actor on Criminal Minds. In real life, he is fun and a little quirky. Harry Styles and Niall Horan are both members of One Direction, currently doing solo work while the band is on a break. Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey are both actors and co-stars on Teen Wolf.

One Direction Niall Horan and Harry Styles
One Direction Niall Horan and Harry Styles [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Take this fun quiz to find out more about the guys. Answer the question, then scroll down just a bit to read more about the answers and check the answer key for each question. Do you know which of these descriptions fit which heartthrob?

1. House: Where Does Each Dream Guy Live?

A. He lives in a cabana house with a huge lagoon pool

B. He lives in a haunted tree house

C. He lives in a haunted mansion in Hollywood Hills

D. He lives in a totally not haunted modern mansion in L.A. but also owns a house in London

E. He lives in a nice house in a friendly L.A. neighborhood, within walking distance of a coffee shop and stores.

Hints and More Information:

What do Matthew Gray Gubler and Niall Horan have in common? Both their homes are said to be haunted. Gubler lives in a tree house, while Niall lives in a mansion with a very dramatic female ghost who used to be an actress, or so his real estate agent had to disclose.

Read this from The Inquisitr about Niall Horan's haunted house and alleged ghost.

Matthew Gray Gubler's tree house can be seen in the video below, or better yet come back to it after the quiz.

Tyler Posey lives in a 2,318 square foot Cabana house with a massive lagoon pool according to Zillow.

Harry Styles lives in a beautiful modern mansion when he's in California, but also spends a lot of time in his London home on the corner of a quaint London street.

Dylan O'Brien has a nice home in L.A. Though there isn't very much known about Dylan's house, It is apparently within walking distance of some shops.

Answer Key for question 1.A Tyler PoseyB. Matthew Gray GublerC. Niall HoranD. Harry StylesE. Dylan O'Brien

2. Sense of humor and personality

A. He laughs a lot, has a quick wit, and always appreciates a good one-line zinger.

B. He is sweet, easy going, and a bit goofy. He finds conversation with girls super easy and comfortable.

C. He has a great time whatever he's doing. Even work is just like playing for him, but he loves sports, backpacking, travel, and other fun things.

D. Being polite is his main characteristic, followed by sweet, and lovable, He always knows just the right thing to say.

E. He loves practical jokes, corny jokes, and brainy wordplay. He doesn't mind getting picked on.

Hints and More Information:

Tyler Posey loves hanging out with Kevin Smith and family. See the story on The Inquisitr. Posey loves comedy and appreciates Jay and Silent Bob style humor. Tyler's sense of humor is a little random, but he improvises easily.

Dylan O'Brien is a bit more serious than his buddy Tyler, but Dylan does know how to have fun. O'Brien is very comfortable around other people and finds conversation comes easy.

Dylan O'Brein
Dylan O'Brein [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Niall Horan is always smiling, laughing and bouncing around. Horan always seems to be having a great time.

Harry Styles is extremely polite, according to virtually everyone he's ever met. On the Dunkirk movie set, around famous rock icons, and when talking to fans and ordinary people, they always say Harry Styles is nice and polite.

Matthew Gray Gubler is just zany. Gubler thanks his high school bullies for making him stronger. Matthew loves to play elaborate, but harmless pranks on co-workers.

Answer Key For Question 2A Tyler PoseyB. Dylan O'BrienC. Niall HoranD. Harry StylesE. Matthew Gray Gubler

3. Wardrobe: Three things one would expect to find in each man's closet

A. Not exactly a fan of fashion, this guy it is usually in T-shirts, and jeans, or very little at all, but he does have a few plaid shirts and even a suit or two for special occasions.

B. Purple sneakers, a silk kimono, and odd button up sweaters make this guy feel really at home.

C. Golf shirts are his fave, but he also likes loosely fitting, oddly patterned button up shirts.

D. He likes high fashion and anything with a dramatic rock star look. This guy is always well put together and his clothes aren't bad either.

E. Unless it is truly a dressy occasion, this cutie has on jeans and a T-shirt that look distressed or washed over and over. He also loves soft hoodies.

Hints and More Information:

Tyler Posey just seems to dress comfortably and normally. Other than an occasional leather jacket, Posey is not really into expensive clothes. Tyler always looks great, though, whatever he wears.

Matthew Gray Gubler has some very odd clothing in his closet. Gubler loves bulky button-up sweaters with goofy designs. Matthew also loves those soft real silk kimonos around the house. He seems to have about a dozen. Matthew Gray Gubler looks incredible though when he does dress up in a black suit.

Niall Horan obviously dresses according to his intense activity level. Horan is always bouncing around, so he doesn't like constrictive clothing. Niall also golfs a lot, so he wears golf shirts.

One Direction's Niall Horan on the Golf Course
Niall Horan [Image by David Cannon/Getty Images]

Harry Styles takes a real interest in fashion, and he has impeccable taste. Harry looks great all the time. Styles loved doing a photo shoot for Another Man recently, where he got to dress up like Mick Jagger.

Dylan O'Brien is always wearing jeans and a t-shirt, sometimes with a button up overshirt. O'Brien is very casual, but he looks killer in a suit when he wears one.

Answer Key For Question 3A Tyler PoseyB. Matthew Gray GublerC. Niall HoranD. Harry StylesE. Dylan O'Brien

4. Relaxing, Free time, and guilty pleasures. What each guy does when alone

A. He is always slipping out for a dip in the pool.

B. He says he refuses to feel guilty about anything he truly enjoys. He freely admits he loves to watch cartoons on Saturday morning.

C. This guy recently shocked his fans by admitting he attends boxing matches.

D. A workaholic, this star has little time for noncareer building activities. A trip to the store, or rarely a date, seem to be the only thing that will take him away from his work, but he does enjoy hanging out with others in his line of work. Girls might be a guilty pleasure, but he doesn't kiss and tell.

E. This little guy works way too hard, but at home, he can be a real couch bunny. He loves old Friends reruns and Fatburgers according to Seventeen.

Tyler Posey
Tyler Posey [Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

Tyler Posey loves to swim so much. Posey is always slipping out for a quick dip. Tyler's pool is enormous. It looks like it is almost as big as his 2000 square foot house.

Matthew Gray Gubler is a free spirit. Gubler enjoys what he enjoys and isn't afraid to admit if he likes something odd. Matthew has his own unique tastes and he is proud of them.

Niall Horan loves boxing, golf, and other sports. Horan is extremely athletic. Niall can compete with some of the best professional golfers.

Harry Styles is a lot stronger than he looks. Harry has been working out, but he tends to be very goal oriented. Styles doesn't just goof around, or goof off. Harry Styles always has a purpose behind what he does.

Dylan O'Brien likes the simple things in life, like Fatburgers and the show Friends. O'Brien says he has seen every single episode more than 10 times.

Answer Key for Question 4

A Tyler PoseyB. Matthew Gray GublerC. Niall HoranD. Harry StylesE. Dylan O'Brien


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So, is it Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey or Matthew Gray Gubler that makes your heart skip a beat?

Matthew Gray Gubler girls are usually smart. They like science. They are naturally curious and don't care too much what others think of them.

Harry Styles fans like music, want only the best for everyone, and have high ideals. They also like excitement and tend to be passionate. They like their men sweet, handsome, and well dressed.

Niall Horan lovers like being active, outgoing, and uninhibited, or at least admire that in others. Some can be on the quiet side themselves, and they prefer their men to be gentlemen.

Dylan O'Brien fans like fantasy and fun, but they also have a caring sweet side. They have a deep appreciation for the simple pleasures of life, including a comfortable shirt and a fatty hamburger.

Tyler Posey fans have a quick sense of humor. They have the ability to take life as it comes, and they enjoy having fun.

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey and Matthew Gray Gubler are all great guys; which one are you most like?

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