‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: Extremely Reliable ‘Chinese Riddler’ Strikes Again, Hints At Starter Evolutions And More!

“The Chinese Riddler,” one of the only really accurate sources for Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks, has struck again by bringing Pokemon fans another helping of cryptic information in regards to the upcoming Pokemon titles. ErikNguyen912, a Bublbagarden user, brought the leak to the attention of the internet.

As those already familiar with the so-called Chinese Riddler know, his or her Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks are not exactly straightforward. Instead of revealing information straight-up, they give Pokemon fans clues to draw their own conclusions. That is not to say the Riddler simply suggests vague hints and lets Pokemon fans imagine connections to the actual reveals after they are confirmed by The Pokemon Company. The clues are actually very specific and, looking back after the details they hint at are officially revealed, one can see they are too spot-on to be coincidence; the Chinese Riddler obviously has either insider Pokemon Sun and Moon information or some supernatural Pokemon news divination gift. For a more detailed account of some too-accurate-to-be-made-up Chinese Riddler leaks, check out the already-published TheInquisitr article on the subject.

The most recent leak is no exception to this trend of indicating Pokemon Sun and Moon information instead of giving it flat-out, as it gives cryptic clues as to the design and possible evolution for Salandit, the starter Pokemon final evolutions, and the Alola Champion.

First, the leak discusses the design of Salandit, the poison/fire-type Pokemon revealed in an official Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer on July 7. The Riddler starts off by asking “Salandit’s design based on who?” The following are then laid out in list form as possibilities of the Pokemon’s design inspiration: “Kyubi (Nine-tailed fox),” “Cleopatra VII,” “Medusa,” and “Siren.” He also posts pictures of the four.

Classic Riddler. He does not just tell us what mythical creature the Pokemon is based on, he gives us four options and lets dedicated Pokemon fans figure out the right one themselves.

Luckily, a post by Reddit user MarikWinters in the Pokemon Sun and Moon subreddit offers an explanation why “Cleopatra VII” must be the right answer. He points out that Salandit’s Pokedex entry states “Salandit females not only release toxic gases, they can also emit pheromones that attract males of all species, including Pokemon and humans. Inhaling these pheromones may cause opponents to be controlled by Salandit’s will.” Cleopatra is also known for being extremely attractive and controlling men — albeit not Pokemon — with her beauty, which obviously connects the Pokemon with the legendary Egyptian Pharaoh.

This more than likely means Salandit will evolve at least once in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and its evolution(s) will become more heavily reminiscent of Cleopatra. Maybe the Pokemon will develop long hair, gold jewelery, or a scepter.

Second, the Chinese Riddler’s leak discusses the final evolutions of the three starter Pokemon. Although people are nearly 100 percent certain the Chinese Leaks of the three final starter evolutions are correct — a topic discussed in detail by The Bit Bag — the Riddler says there is still much more to learn about the starter evos.

“Don’t think you know everything about starters just because of the last news about starters evolution and final evolution leak. Of course, we do not talk about skill, ability, data, stats, etc. Some guess about those three also not true. The description of starters also not clearly, the truth is only one: You don’t know everything about starters at all.”

The English is a bit garbled — the Chinese Riddler is obviously not a native English speaker — but the message is clear that there is still something big to be revealed about the starter Pokemon final evolutions. MarikWinters also points out in the same thread that this big secret seems likely to be the fact that the starter Pokemon each have two distinct final evolutions, a theory discussed in the past by The Inquisitr.

The third thing discussed by the Chinese Riddler is done so in one short sentence: “Kahuna is kahuna, not Champion.”

For those who have not been following Pokemon Sun and News updates, “Kahuna” is a term used to refer to one of the leaders of Alola’s four islands. The leaders are generally powerful Pokemon trainers. As there are four Kahunas, it should be a bit obvious that “Kahuna” does not equate to “Champion” in the Pokemon world. After all, there is only one champion in each Pokemon region. Still, though, the sentence got people thinking about who the champion of Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s Alola region might be.

Do you have any thoughts on the Pokemon Sun and Moon Champion? What about the rest of The Chinese Riddler’s leak?

And as always, Train On, Pokemon fans!

[Photo via GreatMik/Deviant Art]