Police: Tulsa Mom Shook And Beat Infant To Death

A Tulsa mom must stand trial in association with the death of her 7-month-old son, after authorities say that she beat and shook the infant to death. Tulsa World reports that 22-year-old Ruth Ann Lewis is going to trial on a number of charges stemming from the tragic death of her baby.

The incident reportedly took place in May. Police say they were brought to the attention of the case when the 7-month-old infant was admitted at an area hospital. Staff at the hospital called the authorities when they recognized that the infant, which had arrived at the facility unresponsive, appeared to be the victim of abuse. News One reported in May that the baby boy arrived at the hospital with significant brain damage.

Back in May, police determined that the Tulsa mom caused the injuries, intentionally, on the 7-month-old baby. Now, more information has come out in the case — such as statements made directly by the woman who has been charged in association with his death.

An affidavit declares that Ruth Ann Lewis admitted to giving the infant “whoopings,” on the day that he was rushed to a Tulsa hospital with life-threatening brain injuries. In fact, the mom admitted to “whooping” the 7-month-old infant approximately three times before she reportedly “lost it for a minute.” What prompted her bout of “losing it,” was a high-pitched scream that the infant had let out during the so-called “whoopings.”

Police say that by “losing it,” the Tulsa mom meant that she violently shook the defenseless baby on the day of his death. First, she shook him two times while he was fussing in a baby bouncer. Police say she then “picked him up and pushed him to the ground.” She said that the child “quieted down,” so she went to bed.

Ruth Ann Lewis is also accused of refusing to seek medical attention for the infant for at least an hour while he suffered from injuries associated with the violent incident just hours prior to discovering him unresponsive. At the time of her arrest, a 16-month-old infant was also removed from the home, who reportedly had a bad case of diaper rash. Authorities say that the little girl did not appear to suffer from any signs of injury — unlike her younger brother.

This is, unfortunately, far from the only case of child abuse to make media headlines in recent years. In particular, cases of mothers shaking their own infants to the point of severe injury — or death — appear to be rather common. In 2013, a Florida mom named Brittany Arnett was jailed in association with the death of her 6-month-old son. The Daily Mail reports that Arnett violently shook the infant to death because he wouldn’t stop crying — a motive that appears to be just as common as the crime itself.

In 2010, another Florida woman was arrested after her 3-month-old baby was shaken to death. CBS News reports that Alexandra Tobia admitted to shaking her infant to death because it interrupted her game of Farmville by crying.

Earlier this year, a Wisconsin mom named Renae Bellis was charged in the death of her young infant daughter. The Washington Post reports that the woman beat and shook the three-month-old girl to death because “she wouldn’t stop screaming.” Bellis was charged with first-degree reckless homicide — along with a charge of obstructing an officer.

As for this latest case, Tulsa mom Ruth Ann Lewis has been charged with at least one count of child-abuse murder. She also has been charged with two counts of child neglect, stemming from the other child’s severe diaper rash that was discovered at the time of the 7-month-old infant’s death. If she’s convicted of these three charges, she could find herself spending the rest of her life behind bars. However, that sentence can change depending on the outcome of this trial.

[Featured Image by Tulsa County Jail]