October 10, 2016
'Power Rangers' 2017 Reboot Update: Cast Reveal Details On Their Zords

The Power Rangers 2017 reboot left quite a mark after the first teaser trailer of the film emerged all over the Internet, leaving its 90s fan base craving for more information, particularly on the Rangers' mega zords.

After taking the stage during the New York Comic-Con, the director and cast of the reboot of the 90s show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers left the audience in awe and nostalgia after describing what is to come in Saban and Lionsgate's Power Rangers 2017.

Power Rangers Reboot Cast and Director At The NYCC
Speaking at spear point at the Madison Square Garden, Power Rangers helmer Dean Israelite revealed that the reboot of the hit 90s series would deliver quite a mark to both those who grew up watching the show as he did as well as to the new generation of moviegoers.
"I grew up on Power Rangers, and what was important to me in the beginning was making a movie about growing up."
Based on Israelite's statement, the film would be showcased as a "grounded, character-driven origin story set to the backdrop of this spectacular adventure story."

Dacre Montgomery who plays Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger later added how the cast and crew all worked hard to deliver "incredible, huge things" in the movie which he deemed to be as epic as any Marvel or DC Universe flick.

"And I think it definitely takes on that nature that those sort of epic, Marvel, DC world films have at the moment, which are so incredible to go watch in the cinema, because you're just getting lost in these worlds created by the special effects, and the kind of technology we have at the moment, which is so incredible. It's become so realistic."
From there, Israelite and the cast which includes Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, and Ludi Lin described their experience in shooting the film and highlighted their specific zords in the process.

The Power Rangers' Zords

For those who are not well-versed in the 90s franchise, the "zords" are the Rangers' gigantic robotic animals that morph together into an even bigger robot.

During the NYCC panel discussion, the Power Rangers cast revealed their thrilling experience with the special effects that will soon bring the zords to life—at least on the big screen.

"Working with the technology was pretty extraordinary, especially for me, coming from a small town in Australia to being part of this massive production," Montgomery explained.

According to the Red Ranger actor, the Zord rigs are "incredible, huge things," which basically sums up what we would expect of them.

To add more detail into it, Israelite described how he decided to put the actors into actual action.

"It felt like these guys were really in these Zords, fighting. I put them in these things, which was basically like being in a crazy roller coaster for 12 hours. I shot so much footage that we broke the record for dailies three days in a row."
Becky G seconded that and described how riding her Zord, which was made in the image of a Saber Tooth Tiger, made her pray in Spanish on set.

Cyler, on the other hand, made a joke about his experience on the scene.

"It wasn't emotional because it was emotional for me, it was emotional because it hurt."
Unfortunately, the Power Rangers cast can only describe the Zords based on what they experienced during the filming as Saban and Lionsgate decided to keep the actual image of the massive robot animals from being shown in the first teaser trailer.

The Power Rangers reboot is slated for release in theaters on March 24, 2017. Check out first the teaser trailer of the film below.

[Featured Image by Lionsgate]