October 10, 2016
'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Clue From New York Comic Con Trailer On Who Negan Killed

There have been a lot of clues as to who Negan did not kill in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale cliffhanger. In the early Walking Dead Season 7 sneak peek trailers, it showed both Rick and Daryl with Negan, letting fans know they did not die. However, Comicbook.com pointed out a shot from the New York City Comic-Con Walking Dead trailer that might have given fans a huge clue.

That scene showed Rick Grimes telling Negan that he will kill him after Negan beat one of Rick's friends to death. Negan then dragged Rick into his trailer and the camera showed a shot of a beaten pulp of flesh that was one of our beloved Walking Dead characters.

So, what is the clue in the New York City Comic-Con trailer? It is impossible to tell who the victim of Negan and his bat Lucille was just by looking at the ground up flesh. However, there is something on top of the beaten flesh that is recognizable. It is the ring that Glenn gave to Maggie. The thought is that Maggie leaves it with Glenn's body as tribute to him.

The speculation has been surrounding two names that might die in the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 7. The Walking Dead rumors are that both Glenn and Abraham will both die in the episode. There were some thoughts that Abraham would die as a swerve, since Glenn died in the comic storyline with Negan, and then Glenn would die anyway later.

In the comics, Abraham was already dead by the time this scene with Negan occurred. Abraham was killed in the scene where Denise took the arrow in the eye. In the comics, that was Abraham so he has outlived his comic book character. Then, Negan killed Glenn with Lucille as the cliffhanger for The Walking Dead issue #100.

Maggie then went on to take a leadership role in The Hilltop Community after Glenn's death. With Maggie losing her sister, dad, and possibly the man she loves, there isn't much left for her to care about. Hopefully, if Glenn is the one who dies, The Walking Dead finds a way to build her back up from all the tragedy.

Also, killing Glenn is a huge blow for any optimism coming from The Walking Dead. They were bringing a new life into the world and were both the brightest chance for the future. Killing Glenn almost kills hope in general.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, The Walking Dead has promoted Jeffrey Dean Morgan into a cast regular as Negan. In the comic books, Negan built a huge fan following even after killing Glenn thanks to his survival skills and sadistic sense of humor.


The Inquisitr previously reported that producer Greg Nicotero described the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead as an episode that "redefines grief." Watching Herschel die was horrible for fans of the show. Watching Beth die and seeing Maggie's reaction was horrible for fans of the show.

If Glenn, one of the original Walking Dead characters from Season 1, dies at the hands of Negan - in front of his pregnant wife, that is something that may devastate viewers and fans of the TV show. Unlike the comics, any chance Negan has of winning any fans of The Walking Dead over in the television show might die with Glenn.

[Featured Image via AMC]